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Purchasing Property and Doing Missions on Myspace Mobsters

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some easy ways to increase the size cash flow within the free MMO Myspace Mobsters game, and learn about playing the missions and purchasing weapons and other inventory within the game Myspace Mobsters.

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    You will quickly realize how important it is to have money within the Myspace Mobsters game. This very fun and addicting RPG game allows players to take on the virtual role of a mobster. Imagine that you can be a mobster, and join in the glamour of that all without having the criminal record of a real life mobster.

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    Buying Property and Weapons on Myspace Mobsters

    Purchasing the property is always the best plan of action within this game. When you begin to play the game, you'll need to purchase the equipment needed for the mission and then the cash to make from that will be held to purchase a piece of property.

    After you do the first mission go visit the Godfather and use your favor points for the cash. Use that cash and the cash that you made from the mission to go purchase your first piece of property.

    On lower levels, only keep what equipment is needed to do the missions. Perform the mission then buy all the property that you can afford to get a good amount rolling in every hour. Once you have more than a million or so an hour buy some weapons but remember to always buy more property first.

    If you feel the need to fight other players and you do not have a lot of incoming cash its better to make sure all your Mobsters have at least something to fight with, so do not buy the best equipment for 2 or 3 and leave the rest fighting with bare hands as you will lose every fight.

    It's best to buy property in bigger amounts. Rather than buying one empty lot and letting it sit, buy 2 or more to double your cash value because as you buy a property the cost goes up.

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    Doing Missions on Myspace Mobsters

    Complete missions to earn quick cash and gain experience. Each mission has certain requirements like energy, weapons, mob size, etc. New missions become unlocked as you climb the levels within Myspace Mobsters.

    For some of these, you will need to have more Mobsters or different pieces of equipment. This is why it's important always to be recruiting and finding more people to help you within the game, as well as to keep that cash flow coming in by buying properties.

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    The Bank on Mspace Mobsters

    You can open a bank account for $10,000, but that $10,000 is better spent on purchasing property in my humble opinion. Every time you put money into that bank account, 10% is kept as a money-laundering fee.

    You do need to have a bank account for healing purposes, as the hospital will only take money from your bank account. You cannot pay cash for any healing services that are required.

    Personally, I only use the bank account for small amounts of money when I am finished buying my property for that time. The bank does come in handy so other Mobsters that you fight can not take your money, but if you deposit that money, you're going to lose some of it anyways. So, why not let those people have a little bit of cash, rather than losing it to the bank.

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    Summary of Myspace Mobsters

    We learned all about the bank, amassing property, and doing missions within this article and these are all ways to make money within the game. Remember, having a lot of money is the key to success within Myspace Mobsters.

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