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Mafia LIVE Quick Tips

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are a few tips for the free iPhone game Mafia LIVE.

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    Living LIVE

    Mafia LIVE is one of the more established of the free iPhone games, especially amongst the text based RPG crowd. When pitted against games like iMafia and iMob Online it ends ups looking much more like a traditional role-playing game, mainly because of its lack of graphics. Instead of running out on your own trying to recapture the best hits from Casino, try these tips as a way of avoiding ingenuity.

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    Like WarLords, you do not have the option of holding off on leveling up. Mafia LIVE will just do it for you automatically. What this means is that you have to approach the leveling issue by specifically curtailing your playing approach. Instead of just doing as many jobs as you can to gain money you should begin to switch to property cycles for money after retaining a certain amount of financial stability.

    On top of this you have to purchase your own skill points with Zen points. You get these when you level up, but you have to place them manually. This means that you need to purchase your points immediately because otherwise you will be at a disadvantage. The fighting pool will automatically go to the next level, but you have to actually make your statistics go to that level.

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    Turn Off Graphics

    Since the game is not very graphical anyway you should disable the graphics for faster and more responsive play. Mafia LIVE tends to run slower than it should on any gaming period so you need to take the time to switch display modes. This will help ensure that you will get fast feedback from the server and other players during fights.

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    When you are leveling up you need to make decisions of where you want to focus your efforts. If you intend on fighting quite a bit, you should focus on increasing your stamina with your Zen points, but these are going to end up costing more than other kinds of statistics. If you do intend on doing this then you may want to level up at a regular pace rather than relying on real estate to sustain you.

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    Full Version

    These tips are really only going to help you once you have gotten the paid version. You cannot go above level nine or add people to your family with the free version, so even if you started with this one you are going to need to upgrade.