Mark or Mafia: Adding to Your Family

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Mafia Friends

Mark of Mafia has a friending system that is identical to almost all of the text-based iPhone RPGs like iMob Online or Rockstars Live. To do this you essentially have to invite other Mark or Mafia players to be part of your family so that you then can complete upper level jobs and win fights. Here is an easy guide to adding people to your family in Mark or Mafia for the iPhone.

Contacts List

When you first open Mark or Mafia you can look to the bottom task bar for basic sections, like where to pick jobs or go to the bank. On the far right side there is a button that says Recruit. When you select Recruit, it will ask if Mark or Mafia can access your iPhone Contacts List. From here you will be able to send invite messages to people in your iPhone Contacts List to see if they want to join your Mark or Mafia family. This is not usually the easiest way to add huge numbers to your Mark or Mafia family because only a small fraction of people in your Contacts List have an iPhone and are willing to play Mark or Mafia.

Family Codes

When you are in the My Hood, or main section of Mark or Mafia, go to the right hand column of buttons and find Family. Once you select Family, you will be given a screen with a few tabs at the top. When the Consigliere tab is selected then you have options for adding people to your Mark or Mafia family. The easiest way to do this is to use Family Codes, and your Family Code will be listed on top. Below you have a text box listed as Invite by Family Code. Here you enter in someone’s Family Code and they are sent an invitation to join your Mark or Mafia family. Using Family Codes are by far the easiest way to get high numbers of Mark or Mafia family members because you can enter then easily and you can post yours on message boards and social networking sites. My Family Code is 331457483.