Mark of Mafia: Using Loyalty Points

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Loyalty Points

Mark of Mafia has Loyalty Points that serve the same function as other point systems, such as PlayMesh Points or Honor Points. These Loyalty Points are used in Mark of Mafia to cheat your way through different game elements, add money or experience points, or even refill different point counters such as Energy and Stamina. Mark of Mafia is a unique game and the use of Loyalty Points is different than in other games.

Family Codes

Since there is a “friend code” system in Mark of Mafia there is no reason to use the expensive and rare Loyalty Points on them. You can easily post your Family Code online, as well as find dozens of locations where people share their Family Code. A single family member will cost twenty Loyalty Points, which is hardly worth it when you can get a hundred Family Codes with a quick search engine.

Completely Useless

Changing character types and family names are also expensive and useless wastes of Loyalty Points. A character reset is free and much more practical than these two. The only one that really matters is character type because it affects how your character interacts with the Mark of Mafia game set up. If you realize that you chose the wrong character you have likely already incurred damage to your account that will be irreversible, which means that you may just want to start Mark of Mafia over again. If you want to continue on you want to use your Loyalty Points in a more fruitful way. You can use some to transfer accounts to a specific device, but only do this if you are really committed to Mark of Mafia.

Energy Refills

Stat Recharges can end up being the best use of your Loyalty Points, as long as you wait to use them. Energy Recharge is the most important of these because later Jobs will end up bringing a large cash payout. The best way to approach this is to save your Loyalty Points until you reach a higher level, preferably over level twenty-five. You do this so that you can avoid spending too much time leveling up and instead camp on each level so that you have a large cash influx once you move up. From here, you can then begin to do several large Jobs in a row by using several Energy Refills. You will only be able to do these refills in excess before level 105. Once you hit level 106 you will be restricted to one Energy Refill per six-hour period, and after level 125 you will not be able to do them at all.