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Facebook Games: Happy Pets New Players Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Happy Pets is a pet management game on Facebook. Players have control of different animals with several interactions available such as feeding, petting, tricks and cleaning the litter box. You can decorate the room for your pet with different types of furniture.

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    Buying Your First Pet

    Happy Pets Happy Pets is a simple game to learn it is fun to play. The first thing you need to do is to choose a dog or a cat for your pet. If you have game currency you can also purchase a rabbit as a pet and even a hamster. Some of the more elaborate dogs and cats such as the ones with markings will cost currency or extra coins, while the other animals are pretty basic looking. The only real option you have is a multitude of various colors for your basic pet. Your pet will start out as a kitten or puppy and then the animal will grow up. Game play involves several different interactions with your pet these include feeding, petting, cleaning, and new to the game, animal tricks.

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    Game Interface

    Happy Pets The Happy Pets interface is pretty simple to understand and work with. To the left you have the experience bar which tells you how many points you need until the next level. Next to this bar is the amount of coins you currently own and next to that is the two needs of your animal. Let’s look at the icons at the bottom of the game and see what each one of these does.

    Store - This is where you purchase more animals, buy food, toys and items for your pet. Some items will cost game coins while more elaborate ones will cost game currency which you can purchase.

    Select Arrow - Used to select your animal and pull up the animals menu. Use this when you want to access the tricks, breed, or giveaway your animal menus. You can also rename your animal from here too.

    Touch - Use this icon to pet your animal. You will gain experience and some coins when you do this. You will only get coins and experience once until it recharges but you can still continue to pet your animal after you have received experience. You can also get some experience and coins by clicking on the piggy bank in the middle of your screen.

    Clean Dustpan - Use this to clean the bowl and litter box for your animals.

    Food Icon - Use this to refill your animal’s food bowl. Once the food is empty go to the store and purchase more food for your pet. You can pick from several different food recharge sizes if you have extra coins to pay for it.

    Toys - This icon hold the toys for your animals. If you have a mouse or dog treats you can click this icon and select which animal you want to train. Each time you do this you will deduct one charge from your mouse or dog treat and once they are depleted you will need to buy new ones in the store.

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    Managing Your Pet

    Happy Pets Happy Pets requires you to spend time managing your pet. Thankfully the game doesn’t kill off your animal if you don’t feed it. To keep your pet happy you need to feed it, clean the bowl, and pet the animal. If you use the toys that can be purchased in the store you have a chance to teach your animal some tricks. If you have a adult male and female animal in your room you can also try and breed them.

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    Game Play Interactions

    Happy Pets Feeding - Your animal will be fine if you don’t feed t but will become sluggish and slow and won’t respond to you much. To keep your animal bright and cheerful it will need food. You can purchase food in the store and fill up your animal’s food bowl. Once it has eaten it will become very bright-eyed and will respond quickly to petting , will play with toys ,and will move around the room interacting with furniture there.

    Cleaning - Your pet’s food bowl and dish will need to be cleaned periodically which will gain you experience and coins you can use to purchase items in the game store or more pets.

    Petting - You will earn game coins and experience by using the hand icon to pet your animal. You can do this periodically for more coins and experience points for the next level in the game. Newer levels will unlock more items for you to buy in the game store.

    Tricks - New to the game are animal tricks. You can purchase a mouse for a cat and dog treats to teach your animal tricks. For example, with the mouse you simply dangle the mouse above your cat but high enough so it can’t reach it. A timer will be displayed and you need to keep it away from the animal until the timer is over. If you move too far away from the animal he or she will lose interest and the timer will close. As you gain more points you will eventually train your animal to do a trick. Each mouse and dog treat comes with charges and you will need to purchase more to keep training your pet.

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    Hunger and Cleanliness Bars

    Happy Pets You can earn game coins and experience by doing several things in the game. When you look after your animal you will earn experience points and game coins. By caring for your pet you also keep the hunger and cleanliness bar full which are located at the top of the game screen.

    Feed Your Pet - This keeps your hunger bar full, earns you some experience and keeps your pet from moving too slowly and being unresponsive to you. Your food may spoil if there is too much and you log off, just clean it when you log back on and top up the supply for your animal.

    Clean The Litter Box - This keeps your animal clean and brings you experience and game coins too.

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    Game Store

    Happy Pets The game store features many items you can buy for your pet. Basic items can be purchased with game coins you earn from playing while more elaborate ones will cost game currency which must be bought with cash. There are several sections to the store that you need to be aware of.

    Food - Use this to buy food for your pet. Food comes in various sizes and will need to be refilled once it runs out. Be sure to feed you pet or it will become slow and unresponsive.

    Adopt A Pet - Here you can get a dog or cat and with currency even a rabbit and a hamster. More elaborate pets with markings can be bought with game currency and a few are available for game coins but are more expensive than regular animals with no markings.

    Furnishings - You can decorate the walls, floor, with many different types of furniture such as couches, animal beds, scratching posts, plants, and televisions, available for your room too. There is no shortage of items you can add to the room to give it your own custom look. Your animal will interact with couches, scratching posts and other furniture items. For example, your pet may start to sleep on a couch or animal bed you put down.

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    New game items and interactions are being added to this game so there will be new things to try out. Recently breeding has been added but I haven't had a chance to try this out yet. Hopefully Crownstar will continue to add things to Happy Pets and improve this already fun pet management game.