How to Help your Neighbors With Ravenwood Fair Quests

How to Help your Neighbors With Ravenwood Fair Quests
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Ravenwood Fair Quests and Neighbors

In the Facebook game Ravenwood Fair, you clear away a scary forest and build a fair. In a series of quests that takes you through the first 20 levels of the game, you host a wedding for a princess. There are other quests too, especially during holiday events.

Most of the quests are about building new fair attractions, restocking existing attractions, clearing away trees or roots, buying decorations, gathering items both dropped from trees and from gift requests, and walloping monsters. Some ask you to do these things on your neighbors' fairs instead of your own. Some can only be done on yours, but many can be done on either yours or theirs.

So how can you help your neighbors complete their Ravenwood Fair quests?

You can send daily gifts. If you don’t know what to send, vitalin is always a good choice. You can click on their wall posts to send things they need in exchange for a token amount of food. You can send back any gifts that they’ve sent to your requests page - often people will send you a gift of something that they themselves need in the hopes they’ll get one too.

Aside from gift requests, there are five less obvious but easy things you can do on your fair to help your Ravenwood Fair neighbors when they visit.

Each day, a visiting neighbor can do five things. They can play the games, eat the hot dogs, or dance with the oak trees. They can recharge your protectors or restock your attractions - which actually does it on your end, too. Or they can chop trees, clear roots, smash rocks, or wallop monsters, which doesn’t affect what you see at all.


Several quests ask you to chop down trees. Sometimes it specifically has to be neighbor trees. A tree counts as chopped down when it has been completely removed, including the stump. A neighbor can get five trees counted toward a tree chopping quest when each tree only takes one chop to take down.

Tip #1: Keep at least five 1-chop trees on your fair.

Trees tend to grow over time, so you’ll have to do some tending - maybe remove anything that has grown into a 2-chop and allow new 1-chop trees to stay around.


Ravenwood Fair: Trees, Roots, Rock

Just like trees, there are Ravenwood Fair quests about clearing roots. Each root takes only one energy to clear. As of this writing, roots don’t grow into trees and don’t need any tending. Once they’re there, they stay put.

Tip #2: Keep at least five roots on your fair.

(Pictured: Maezza walking past 1-chop trees, roots, and a 3-smash rock. Probably looking for her brother Donovan…)

How Can I Get Sharp Rocks to Grow Back on Ravenwood Fair?

Ravenwood Fair Crystal

To build many of the fair attractions in Ravenwood Fair, you need crystals - and one of the surest ways to get crystals is to smash sharp rocks. (Occasionally you can get them from clearing roots as well.) But how can you get sharp rocks to come back on your fair after you’ve smashed them? Unfortunately, you can’t - they don’t grow back like trees and roots. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

However, you can smash rocks on your neighbors' fairs as much as you want with no impact whatsoever. They will be there again the next time you visit. Neighbor rocks are an endlessly renewable resource for crystals.

Tip #3: Keep at least five smashes worth of sharp rocks on your fair.

Make sure to keep a clear path to them through any trees.

Buildings and Games

Ravenwood Fair: Unstocked Games and Buildings

Another common quest is to restock games and buildings. When a neighbor restocks something on your fair, it will be fully stocked the next time you load the game. When you restock a neighbor’s, it won’t change until they load the game - which means you can fulfill a great many restocking quests by repeatedly visiting inactive neighbors with unstocked attractions.

Tip #4: Leave at least five buildings or games unstocked.

This can be tricky, because anything someone else restocks will become stocked the next time you look - and if it doesn’t run out of stock very fast, you’ll sometimes have fewer than five. However, if you’ve played a while and don’t desperately need the cash, just don’t restock anything on your own fair. Let your neighbors do all the work, while you only restock things on their fairs.

Ravenwood Fair Monsters

Ravenwood Fair Monsters: A Bumble and Crittle Bear

Last but not least, there are often quests to wallop monsters. Domovoi are easy to find (until you need them of course), but some of the others are rare. Monsters can also be a pain when you’re trying to do a lot of tree clearing.

Your fair has a set maximum number of monsters that can be on it at a time. The total number goes up as you level. If you don’t wallop them as they appear, eventually you’ll reach your maximum and no new ones will pop up - leaving you to chop trees and clear roots in peace.

Tip #5: Try to have a variety of monsters on your fair.

If you don’t need them for a monster walloping quest yourself, leave them around for neighbors to wallop. It won’t affect what you see if they do.