Lord of the Same: iDragons Online Review

Don’t Fix a Working Toaster

The Godfather has obviously looked at their model for free iPhone games and decided that if something is not broken the fix should not be in. That logic is direct for iDragons Online, or iKnights Online as it is called, during downloads. iDragons Online is a new incarnation of the engine employed by iMob Online and iVampires Online with a mild medieval theme more in line with most RPGs. Unfortunately the developers have not taken this time to change the dynamic what so ever.


It is difficult to fault iDragons Online too much because the “i Online” interface is the cleanest and easiest for user accessibility out of all of the text based iPhone RPGs. Except for Famous, iMob Online, iVampires Online, and Girl Wars Online have been brought the best format to the table. However, since these games are already flooding the market iDragons Online has to bring something new to merit its use.

iDragons Design

The game has all the features that those familiar to the genre have come to expect. Instead of actually controlling a character you really just follow text and calculations to see your character progress on paper. You perform Quests to get moderate amounts of money and experience points to gain levels. From the Merchant you buy weapons to win Battles with other iDragons Online players and complete higher level Quests. You buy property from the Kingdom so that you can end up having a continual cycle of money coming in. You use the Invite function to add people to your Guild, use the Vault as a bank for money safety, and go to the Temple to heal yourself when in need.

iKnights Online

The name differential between iDragons Online and iKnights Online can also be a problem. Most players of iMob Online and iVampires Online were asked to download iKnights Online as a promotional to get points within their respective RPGs. Once the game is installed it is called iDragons Online. This can cause unnecessary confusion amongst players and further gives pause to those who are about to download it.


There is not much to conclude here except the fact that this game is iMob Online with dragons. If you have not begun playing one of its sibling games and prefer knights of the round table to Italian American stereotypes then download iDragons Online. If you already have a few of these games on your iPhone you may want to hold off. Five and a half stars out of ten.

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