Dokapon Kingdom Review for the PS2 Platform - A Great Party Game You Can't Miss Out On

Dokapon Kingdom Review for the PS2 Platform - A Great Party Game You Can't Miss Out On
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Dokapon Kingdom (4 out of 5)

Dokapon Kingdom is a nice combination of board game and RPG. You have some really cute character customization options, a dice-like randomizer, and huge board game-like environments. At first, you might think—“so what’s new? It’s just like Mario Party?” Well, it does have all the elements of a Party Game, but the combat aspects are true RPG. You can battle out many monsters in your quests and upgrade your levels, which mean more expertise to fight bigger monsters!

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

One of the best aspects of Dokapon Kingdom is the option to play against friends via its local multiplayer mode. Although the game has a single player option, playing with your friends is a rewarding experience. The main objective is to complete multiple quests assigned by the King of Dokapon to rake in some cash. But, the main prize is the hand of the king’s beautiful daughter, so expect some serious rivalries when you play against your friends. I mean…who wants cash!

While playing with your buddies can give you a true party game experience, competing against AI won’t be fun. The AI characters can win even the most difficult situations shamelessly and can leave you totally confused and surprised. It’s too one-sided. You will really have a very tough time beating them! I would rather play with my pals than those AI cheaters.

Gameplay in Dokapon Kingdom PS2 is easy. You have to create a character, select class, customize character features and begin the game. You can move a certain number of steps as dictated by a dice-like object and follow quests laid down by the King. In your quests you will encounter many cute-little monsters as well as your opponents to fight against. This aspect is typical RPG, but modified to fit the Party game genre. First, you will have to go through a card-choosing mini-game to decide who fights first. Winning the card game leaves you few options to attack. You can choose a standard attack and strike—a more powerful form of attack and few spells. The defender, which can either the monster or the opponent can block your attack or counterattack with a strike move. Either can give up, but lose cash or an important weapon item and cannot move in this process.

The combat mode concept is pretty interesting, but can be boring after a few hours of gameplay. Thankfully there are many side-quests to play. The Dokapon Kingdom PS2 version also adds some unique twists in the party game genre. You can acquire loads of treasure, magic items and weapons hidden in random spaces. You can also grab more missions from the King’s castle, steal towns and cities or free them from other opponents. The game’s morality-based non-linear paths are sure to check out for.

Overall, Dokapon Kingdom is a perfect recipe for an excellent evening Party Game. Invite your friends experience hours and hours of fun and entertainment. And if really want to know some character classes and secrets, this in-depth Dokapon Kingdom guide will certainly help you win against friends easily.

Dokapon Kingdom Screenshots

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

The graphics are colorful and very bubbly. The character models are very cute and will appeal every kid and teenagers. These super-deformed character models are reminiscent of old Final Fantasy games, which certainly add to the cuteness kiddie artwork. However, the combat animations are gawky and look very mechanical. Overall, graphics in the Dokapon Kingdom PS2 is average compared to other PlayStation 2 games.

The sounds are equally cheerful as the graphics. The melodious tunes perfectly match the party environment. There’s also some voice-acting to add some variety in the game, but it’s the music that can keep you in high spirits.

Overall (4 out of 5)

Dokapon Kingdom is perfect game for kids and for all those who love playing Mario Party games. If you are planning to play it alone with few AI cheaters, you’re probably making the biggest mistake. Playing with your friends is the best way to enjoy it!