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Kingdoms Live Tips: Buying Land

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for purchasing patterns in Kingdoms Live Land.

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    Buying Kingdoms Live Land

    It is known amongst most people who play Storm8's free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs that land, or real estate depending on which of these games you are in, is the focus early on. This is especially true in Kingdoms Live for the iPhone, which takes a medieval warfare model for gameplay. Just as with the rest, the majority of your money for the first dozen levels should go to your Land. Here are some tips for working with the Kingdoms Live Land.

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    Money and Kingdoms Live Legend Points

    The first thing you want to remember is the majority of your Kingdoms Live money should go to and come from Land. Land is a way of getting money without leveling up, which you want to do relatively slowly in Kingdoms Live so that you can be packed with weapons and army members before you go to more competitive spheres. This means that you may have to start out with some Quests to get a base amount of cash to purchase your first Kingdoms Live Land.

    From here, you should try to wait it out as best as you can so that all your money for the next piece of Kingdoms Live Land comes from the first piece. You may also want to use any Kingdoms Live Legend Points on money early on. You are not going to get much money from your Kingdoms Live Legend Points early on, but it may be just enough to have a nice kick-start in terms of Kingdoms Live Land purchase. Though it is often a good idea to preserve your Kingdoms Live Legend Points as long as possible, this is a good tip.

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    Kingdoms Live Tips for Purchasing Patterns

    A main point when buying Kingdoms Live Land, and this is true of all of Storm8's free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, is that you want to spread out the different types of Land you purchase. Each time you buy a specific type of Kingdoms Live Land it will go up. If it goes up enough you may notice that the other Kingdoms Live Land will give more gold for the relative cost. This means that even though a certain piece of property yields less cyclical money, it still may give more relative to its cost.

    To avoid paying too much for any piece of property you want to buy from all those available almost equally. Always go for the best deal Kingdoms Live Lands first until they are not balanced.

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Here are some tips for Storm8's free MMO text based iPhone RPG Kingdoms Live.
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