Tactics Core: Review Of Tactics Core – Flash Browser PC Game

Chess with a twist (4 out of 5)

In Tactics Core, you have a team of warriors trying to protect your castle against enemies. The game requires a lot of strategy and thorough understanding on how each unit functions. Developed by DigiS, Tactics Core engine is a very powerful strategy development module. It was developed using Flash MX and the code was written entirely in Flash 6 Actionscript. It includes features such as AI logic for enemy units and uses 3D dynamic depth layering.

Tactics Core is a bit like chess, four options hover around the head of each character—move, attack, wait and undo. These four basic commands allow each character to move in squared tiles, attack by dealing physically or magically to a target area, undo an action and wait for the next turn. The undo action can be used as long as attack is not used after it. When clicking on the move option of a particular unit, the tiles get highlighted in blue. Your character can be moved to any of these highlighted tiles. With the help of the attack command you can weaken an enemy unit physically or using magic spells. Every character has a different attack strategy, some cast devastating spells while others use their physical power to weaken the strength of an enemy. The wait command helps to end the current unit’s turn and allows the enemy AI to act. The status displays the strengths and weaknesses of each character or unit.

The game requires strategy and you will have to attack methodically. The most important characters are the red wizard, mystical healer, shadowblade assassin, and templar mage. The red wizard is the strongest character on your team that can cause huge destruction in just one turn. The red wizard has a long range attack and can even cause damage to friendly units. The wizard attacks five spaces that cover an area as a plus sign. Shadowblade assassins are the fastest units that can move at a far distance per turn. You can use this unit to chase and finish weak characters. It can also retreat quickly before the enemy can attack. The magical healer is the only class that can heal and it is very important to keep this character at the back of your fighting unit, especially the red wizard. The templar mage attacks the enemy units in straight line and has to be used carefully as it can harm allies. It is always advisable to protect the mage and the wizard by keeping them near the wizard.

Tactics Core is an online flash game that does not require any download. However, you can download a demo version for an overview. Players who are interested in chess-like games with a twist will love to play Tactics core. Overall, I recommend trying this game. It can be confusing for first-timers, but as you understand each unit, the game becomes easier to play.