La Tale Mining Guide For Beginners

La Tale Mining Guide For Beginners
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Mining For Gold

OG Planet’s side-scrolling, casual MMORPG, La Tale, has quite a following. The game opts to give gamers a lot to do despite the characters being sprite-based. Whether you’re a Warlord, Explorer or an Engineer, La Tale offers more than just 2D grinding and mob bashing. There are a number of other side activities available in the game, including the option to dig or mine for items.

This La Tale mining guide will walk you through the basics for acquiring the mining and digging skills, as well as where you need to go in order to put those skills to use.

Learning The Basics

Earning the shovel skills

You can earn the basic skills for mining by first getting up to level 6 and then talking to the NPC, Ases, near the exit of Belos village. Ases will have a quest for you that includes gathering up some materials in order to learn the shovel basics. Now, in order to mine completely there are a series of quests that have to be completed first, and the shovel basics is a good step in the right direction.

You’ll need three rough furs and three silver furs. These can be acquired from wolves and blue wolves in the forest. Simply head out of Belos village to the deep forest area or the forest area passage to find the mobs that drop what you need.

Mines In The Forest

Mapping out the mines in the forest

In order to learn the mining skill you’ll need to talk to Ases again after completing the shovel skill quest. You’ll need to head back into the forest and follow the forest pathway all the way through the ancient forest, past the Traveler’s Heaven. There are two different entrances to the forest mines, the upper entrance contains the minerals and resources that can be mined, while the lower entrance contains the mobs you’ll need to defeat in order to complete the mining skill quest.

You’ll need to mob grind on 10 Ugly Dogs and 10 Grey Beetle Gs inside the lower mine entrance. After defeating them turn the quest in way back in Belos with Ases. After completing the quest Ases will give you the mining skill booklet, and from that point forward you’ll be able to mine for resources and goods from the forest mines.

What To Look For When Mining

Auctioning off precious material

When mining there are a number of useful resources that you’ll encounter, including rare gems and crafting materials. In order to start mining it would probably be best to short-key the mining skill for easy access. To do this, simply press ‘K’ and highlight the event skills at the bottom of the skill page. Drag the mining skill to the top of the hotkey bar on the key that you desire to use for mining. Once this is done you’ll now be able to mine with the press of a button.

Now, if you don’t have a crafting profession yet, one of the best things to do is to hang on to whatever you find or uncover from the mines and then later sell it in the auction house for some extra cash. In order to craft using any of the minerals you acquire from the mine will require a crafting capsule.

You now have the mining skills and the ability to acquire whatever you need either to make equipment or weapons or if you simply plan to auction off whatever you gather. The average price for most of anything acquired from the mines sells for at least 2,000 credits…so it’s a great way to rake in extra cash.

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