Your Kingdom Awaits MySims Kingdom The Wi Review

Your Kingdom Awaits MySims Kingdom The Wi Review
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My Sims Kingdom: The Best Parts (3 out of 5)


My Sims Kingdom certainly rides in on the laurels of The Sims. However, it is an enjoyable and fun ride through a fast-paced world and can certainly stand on its own, without standing on the shoulders of previous titles in The Sims franchise of popular and well developed games.

The bright and charming visual presentation shows signs of being very well planned, providing genuinely funny moments with the interactive characters and their unique looks that made me smile and laugh

There are many things to do in the game, from socializing, to herding animals, to locating hidden objects, and more. All are fun and entertaining to complete and add to the energy of playing the game.

What Could Be Improved (2 out of 5)

The control scheme works pretty well - until you need to play an object in really confined spaces, or if you try to place something in the corner of the screen. Then it can become frustrating and annoying to complete the job.

Gathering the essences you need to play the game can be very tiresome and boring. They’re obtained by mining, fishing, treasure hunting, or just finding them in the trees. I found the system to be uninspiring and old in concept, and I can’t wait for a developer to think of something new in the resource management area.

The Graphics (4 out of 5)

MySims Kingdom screenshot 2

I enjoyed the unusual and charming look and feel of the characters you get to interact with while playing My Sims Kingdom. They had a fun and enjoyable Saturday morning cartoon feel to them that I really had fun with.

There were no long loading times, and everything ran smoothly (no matter what was occurring on the screen), but it’s not a fast paced game at all.

There are a lot of screens that you need to read to play the game, so younger kids will either need help or will be unable to read the necessary text and have a hard time playing the game.

Music (3 out of 5)

The soundtrack was upbeat and relaxing for the most part, with each island having its own tracks that faded in and out while you play, depending on your location in the game.

The character acting for all the animals that you interact and socialize with are wonderfully done, cute and funny, well written comments and life-like voices.

The Storyline (3 out of 5)

MySims Kingdom screenshot 1

In the kingdom of My Sims Kingdom, the land and people are no longer at peace and are unhappy with the state of affairs in the kingdom. King Roland, thinking back to earlier times when things were better, decides to find a new Wandolier to help heal the kingdom’s problems. Wandoliers were wand-wielding citizens in the old times, whose job it was to help the people, but for some reason once years ago when the old Wandoliers retired, no new ones were trained. You will begin the game as a new Wandolier that is tasked with healing the ills of the empire and bringing peace and prosperity back to the kingdom. You’re able to choose to be a girl or boy when the game begins, which is a nice touch that certainly will be loved by many gender specific individuals, but really only makes a difference in small ways in the actual gameplay.

Just to add spice the developers also included a lot of side stories that you will be involved with on each of the islands that add to the overall entertainment value and appeal of the game. They will involve things like helping a robot open his dinner, helping a zombie make his graveyard a lot more fun, and even being the friend of an outlaw.

Playability (4 out of 5)

This game has about twenty hours of content, if you take the time to hunt down every item, and complete all of the available tasks.

You level up as you complete tasks on each of the islands, which unlock other things to do. The game gets progressively harder the longer you play, which is good and adds to the playability.

This game includes a Regular (default) mode, a Prospecting mode, and a Construction mode. All are fun and engaging, and allow you to do specific jobs and tasks in the game.

Overall… (4 out of 5)

My Sims Kingdom isn’t a traditional The Sims game to be sure, but it certainly has many of the entertaining elements we love about The Sims combined with an element of adventure that mixes well with these old elements to make a game that is fast-paced, accessible, and rewarding for the gamer.

This is a game that I rate suitable for all ages, as long as you can read or have a friend to help, and one that provides good variety in activities, charming and entertaining characters, and a pretty good control scheme compared to many of the Wii games we have seen lately.