MySims: A Continuation of the Wii Game Guide

MySims: A Continuation of the Wii Game Guide
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Make Sure You Didn’t Miss Part 1

Hopefully you already read Guide to MySims for the Nintendo Wii (Part 1). The first part has 3 pages, and this part has 2. Make sure you read it all for all the tips and analysis of MySims.

About the Game

MySims was originally a spin-off to the popular simulation franchise of EA, The Sims. However, at its inception developers found that MySims have created a cool and popular niche of its own. With its fluid graphics and almost cherubic like characters, MySims seems to be a cuter take on the Sims we’ve come to know and love.

In MySims you combine the allure of a simulation setting as well as the Sim City feel to building and item and creation. Incorporating a new style such as essence gathering and the interest wheel for characters and the town itself, MySims stands to hold its own versus the original brainchild of EA.

In fact, MySims has become a name on its own that its spanned its own franchises as well. Among its many popular versions you have, MySims Racing and MySims Party.

Now that we’ve dealt with the nuances of introduction, its time to teach you how to play!

The Workshop

Aside from being the town builder, you’ll also be the interior designer. So head on to your workshop to begin shaping your tools and creating wonderful pieces that the citizens of your town will be using fervently. There are three options in the Workshop: Working on a Task, Creating a New Item, Editing an Item

Work on a Task: This option is available for when you receive an official task from one of the Commercial sims. The option will reveal personalities that require certain items from you. Now creating items will require essences so if you don’t have what’s available you can either work with what you have or go outside and look for Essences.

Creating a New Item: This option is for when you want to build things for your own house or as a gift to your Townies.

Edit an Item: Similar to Work on a Task, you can only access this option when you have a project on hand. This project can then either be edited or copied. Copying means you can easily duplicate something that you’ll be handing out to other Sims and doing this efficiently too.

Tip: Copying a project works best when it’s unpainted as copying a painted item means using the same Essence for the color. If you want to suit an item to a particular Sim, that means color suiting their items too.

Workshop Items

The Importance of Item Creation

The workshop is much like the building mode. Here, you’ll have blueprints shown as a transparent image on the platform. Now think of it as a logic game where you use your parts to creat that one object. Akin to logic puzzles of long gone, this feature add a bit of difficulty to the MySims game which is of course, sorely needed from time to time.

As for the button controls, A lets up pick and place blocks anywhere in the grid, the B button is for deleting an item. B+A means a faster way to place blocks. The 1 button turns the transparency on and off, C turns the slide under on and off while finall the Z button disengages block snapping.

Item creation must always begin from the bottom, like when you create building. Although here, you can actually start painting regardless of whether the said item has been finished or not. Now always keep in mind the interests of the Sim you’ew creating this item for, so make sure you paint accordingly.

A Townie and a Commercial

There are two types of Sims in MySims and these are the Townie and Commercial Sims. What’s the difference? well, a Commercial Sim will not only require a place to live and work from you but will also require you to complete certain tasks for them. These tasks will require the use of the Workshop and Essences and task completion gives you blueprint rewards that help unlock certain hidden items in game.

Townies on the other hand require a house to live in and preferably a maxed out interest ar. So build a spanking building for him and don’t forget to lavish him with gifts with the right essences in place.

Something to Look Forward To

Tip: Once you’ve maxed out the town’s interest wheel, certain uber sims will appear. There are 7 of them and they operate the same any other sim except of course for certain bonuses. Anyway… their interests are actually pretty cut and dry all except for Cassandra the ghost. Cassandra won’t have a specific set of likes or disklikes. She’ll appear at the end of seances and if you let her practice her scare tactics on you, you’ll become friends with her in no time.

If however, you’re in a hurry and you want to know NOW about how to get those characters unlocked then check out these cheats prepared just for you!


Essences and Where to Get Them

There are various ways to acquire essences, and one of them is interacting with Sims in town. Now, depending on how you interact with them they will drop essences. Here’s where you learn a lesson in kindness! The nicer you are to your sims, the bigger the chances of course that the essences dropped are happy essences.

You can acquire essences when you fish at one of the four piers in town. The Wii Remote will be your tool here as you try to hook and haul fishes in for Essences. Once in a while, strange objects will grow on trees around town. Using the B button, graba hold of the tree and shake it from side to side in order to make the grown Essence fall. Now, nourish that essence bearing tree by watering as much as you can.

When you use fertilizers, it helps speed up the growth of the Essences but damages the tree. You can counter this by watering the tree numerous times. Now, chopping down a tree is different, as you will receive either Light , Dark or Dead Wood as a type of essence. Basically, the type of tree you chop down will result in the type of essence. This law also applies to metal trees producing metal essences

Prospecting is another fun way to look for an essence. A pile of crystals in your vicinity will indicate that an essence is nearby. Using your metal detector, move your character around in search of the buried treasure chest. Once you find it, dig it up and grab your essence.

Finally, always make sure to always have one type of essence in your backpack for you to plant, in order to make sure that there’s a steady supply of that particular essence in your midst.

Wrap Up


Oh wow we’re done already? Seems like it was just such a short while ago that we were creating Sims together. I hope this guide has been useful to you and that you’ll take what you’ve learned to make the best of your Wii gaming experience. If you’re actually looking for a different console to play MySims, don’t worry there’s a PC version to it too!