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MySims PC Game Review - Doing a 180 on the Sims Franchise

by: Marie ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Following the success of The Sims franchise all over the PC and Playstation console (and a similar game in the Wii Port), MySims for PC might seem like its an exact duplicate for the original MySims. This article review however, will point out reasons why you should get this edition of MySims.

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    MySims came bursting out of the market almost at the same time its Wii counterpart did, so a lot of hubbub has been raised over EA just trying to maximize its target audience. Well, the answer is yes and no. While MySims PC is definitely the same as MySims Wii, it does implement several significant changes that will separate it from the Wii Version of the game.

    MySims PC has a lot of differences in constrast to the Wii version of the game. There are numerous new objects and costumes, a more varied string of characters, and additional buildings around the town. Since its on PC, you can count on the Internet world to connect you to other MySims players out there as well. It sorta turns MySims into more than just a simulation game. With the addition of the online suport, MySims turns into an online game where players from everywhere can form groups and play together in certain areas in town.


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    I've always loved Simulation type games, and EA has really set a mark for themselves in that category haven't they? While older Sim games have always been geared for the more adult market, MySims really defined itself as a more young-at-heart game. Thats not to say that a lot of the adults didn't enjoy it either. MySims is based on a fantasy world that's fallen onto hard times. Basically, there are no more builders left and everyone has left the kingdom. You will be enlisted by the mayor to try and help repopulate the place. You're basically the only builder left and the fate of the kingdom rests in your hands.

    Gameplay is pretty basic for those who are familiar with life simulation games. There are missions to finish of course, but the freehand concept applies so that you can still build things as you wish. Concepts like Essences (which will help you create more Sims) with the build menu aren't that hard to grasp. There might be a little groping in the dark, but in time (after a few minutes of repetition) you'll be able to wrap your mind about it.

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    Deliciously cute! I'm impressed with the graphics of this game. You'll notice the great distinction between MySims and other Sim releases from EA, as this version tries to stick to a younger crowd. I love the design aspects of everything; the visuals are stunning - kind of like a spin between Lego and anime designs. They're pleasing to the eyes and will certainly add lots of fun factor for when you're at your workshop!

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    If you've played one Sim game, then you should know that dialogues in Sim World are unintelligible to the human ears and that the sounds will always be world appropriate, which is how it should be. Trust me though, you won't really notice the sounds when you're playing this game.

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    An excellent sim game for all ages, it doesn't really matter what people say about the basic gameplay or the lack of the many daily needs we've grown used to other Sims game. MySims is really about letting loose your inner child and creating a little utopia of your own inside a digital screen. This game is a must have.