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    • Guide to Leveling Up Skills in The Sims Social on Facebook
      Leveling up your skills in The Sims Social is a very profitable way to earn Simoleons and experience points for your character. You can work on just one skill at a time, or work on all four types – the choice is yours!
    • Nectar: The Drink of Choice for Sims
      Nectar is really the go-to drink for Sims. It is similar to wine and is only available with the “World Adventures” expansion pack. Sims can grow fruit and then turn it into nectar with the items purchasable in France. Find out more here!
    • Keep the Kids Busy After School
      Children and teenagers in “The Sims 3” can now attend clubs and other activities after class lets out. These after school activities keep the kids busy and teach them skills that they can use later in life after they graduate. This is only available with the “Generations” expansion pack.
    • Sims in Bunk Beds is Double the Fun!
      Bunk beds and loft beds are now available with “The Sims 3: Generations.” Use these new types of beds to save space for children’s rooms or have extra beds available for sleepovers. Read this article to find out more about how to buy them and ideas on decorating with them.
    • MySims PC Game Review - Doing a 180 on the Sims Franchise
      Following the success of The Sims franchise all over the PC and Playstation console (and a similar game in the Wii Port), MySims for PC might seem like its an exact duplicate for the original MySims. This article review however, will point out reasons why you should get this edition of MySims.
    • Go on a Date with your Sims
      Sims can now have a hot date in “The Sims 3: Generations.” Use this as your chance to ask a Sim out on a date and further their romance. Be careful though because the new reputation system can also cause your Sim to have problems later. Find out everything you need to know about dating here!
    • Verdonia: A new evolution in Social Sims gaming
      The newest release by Playdom, Verdonia looks like it could be the next big Facebook game!
    • Sim Games You Want Under the Tree This Year
      This article will list and discuss the Sim games that you are sure to want under the tree this Christmas.
    • Tips for Getting The Most Out of My Sims Kingdom
      If you want to be the master builder of this kingdom, and keep all of the people happy, then this guide can help you to be the best wandolear possible.