Gamer’s Cheat Guide for the Sims for Your PC


It’s actually a bit funny to know that no one really is sure what The Sims are or why it is one of the best selling games on Earth. And, if you know The Sims then you already know that the game’s maximum potential can only be achieved through the use of the many cheats that the game has. There many cheat codes in the different versions and almost every version has cheats in common, but we are not going to go through all of the different versions. Instead, we are going to learn more about the cheat codes that are in every single version and what effect they have in the game.

In the first version of The Sims, there were only a few cheats that the player could use in his advantage. But they didn’t give diversity in the gameplay as the Sims 2 did. The best cheat you could had in Sims 1 was the infinite money cheat, but really besides that, the game didn’t have any other cheats that were very helpful to achieve certain objectives more quickly. For those that are tradional players and don’t use the cheats, the game can be enjoyed quite well as you can make your Sim work hard for the things he/she wants. But if you want to make your Sim and yourself enjoy life a little, just use the cheats, and it will help boost .

Cheats and Hints:

For the cheat and hint list, we are going to analyze how the cheat works and the code in the gameplay. First, if you want to activate a cheat you need to hit (Shift) + (Control) + "C", which is the basic command in the P.C. version, (and is the only version we are going to analyze with this article and the article guide). Here is your list to help you through the game:

• Klapaucius: 1000 Simoleons – Only works in the unpatched version. In the patched version the code changes to Rosebud (like Rosebud, Texas).

• If you input a pattern of exclamation points (!) and a semicolons (;), one after i.e. !:!:!:!:!::!:!:! the family money will be increased, but you need to know that this code works only if you activate first the klapacius command or the rosebud command.

• Auto_level: The architecture tools level what do you want to level automatically.

• Interests: Show Sims Interests.

• Sim_speed <-1000 to 1000>: You have to input what spped your sim will move, -1000 being the slowest one and 1000 being the fastest one.

• “xyzzy” : Supposedly the Sim says xyzzy but nothing happened during my experience.

• Quit: Do it and you will quit the game

• Edit_char : The player can edit his character characteristics without sending the family to the Family Menu.


Those codes are practically the ones that work best with the game, also were the only ones that worked during my Gameplay. I want to add, that many of the codes that didn’t work on the first version of the Sims, worked better on the 1.1 version of the game because the game needed a patch. So, if you want to use the codes properly, except that later versions came patched as the Sims: Complete Collection in which the codes could be inputted more easily. Still many of the codes that are widely known, in my opinion have problems because they didn’t display correctly, but that is only based in my experience because I know other people who didn’t had any problems with the codes at all.

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The purpose of this guide is to known and share all the codes that make easy our game experience with this wonderful game.
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