Rule The My Sims Kingdom

Once again you are diving head first into the world of the Sims. Sure, they may not be real people, but their world is certainly diverse. You can take a trip to a magic kingdom where you can shape and re-shape the things around you. If you want to be the best wandolier that you can be just follow these handy tips.

The Tips

  1. Look for problems. Your role, in this game, is primarily one of a helper. If you want to make progress as quickly as possible search for people with problems and find a way to solve them. Of course, they may not always have an obvious solution but your journal can help you to figure out how to get what you want. In fact, the journal is so useful that you can even skip the cut scenes if you want to.
  2. Don’t be afraid to butter up. You do have the ability to express some limited approval or anger in the game. If you need to get something from a person who simply gives it to you, try buttering them up. The odds are good that after enough tries you will get what you want. If for some reason this tactic does not work you can always try being mean to the person in question. Remember, you can always disassemble their home if they piss you off too badly. Just remember that it is not very ethical.
  3. Clear the row. Before you can build on a piece of land you have to clear cut what is on it already. That includes even shrubs and brush. If you miss even one of them you will not be able to build on the land.
  4. Be aware of the difference between your red and blue zones. When you see red an item has to go there, while blue only offers you an option. This can be confusing early on in the game your blue’s will represent what seems like your only options. As time goes on you will see the differences more clearly.

Now you can make the most of your time with My Sims Kingdom. You can enjoy building and re-building the world over and over again. There is one final tip it’s more of a personal one, its about sim speak.While some people enjoy the gibberish know as Sim speak, it can be a distraction to serious gameplay. It may be worth turning off the volume to get free of the Sim speak.

About The Difference Between Sims and My Sims

For those of you who hae never seen a My Sims game, and have only played the standard verion of The Sims (or a sequal) you will notice some marked differences between these two sets of titles. In fact, if you pick up a My Sims title without knowing what you are getting, you run a serious risk of feeling decidedly gypped by these differences. In order to help you make a more informed decision here are some of the key differences:

  • The My Sims games have a scripted story line, which is much narrower then tha free form world of The Sims. You will have set friends, set tasks and only one career choice.
  • Compared to The Sims, your My Sims avatar will lack in customization. Expect to deal with a stock look and feel.
  • You will have extremely limited interpersonal interactions. Most times it will be limited to a "Be nice to" and a "Be mean to" set of choices.
  • Cartoonish graphics that extend not only to your avatar, but to the whole world.
  • A near exclusive focus on building. Almost no ability to decorate them inside. Just put the blocks together and paint.

Now if you choose to buy a My Sims game you won’t feel gypped once you get it home and get the package open.

Screen Shots

Your Sim and Her Buddies
Advanced Building with Movement
Building The Coast
Desert Building Sims Style

All screenshots courtesy of game developers.