Hints and Tips for Build A Lot 4 - Power Source

Hints and Tips for Build A Lot 4 - Power Source
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About Build A Lot 4 - Power Source

Build a Lot 4 is a time management and city building style PC game. The main object is to make money by building, buying and selling real estate. In this version, players will have to be concerned with making their homes more energy efficient along with keeping up with each game level’s goals.

Game Play

Build a Lot 4 screenshot

If you have played any of the Build A Lot games, play will be very familiar. Buildings can be constructed on open land that is owned by you. All buildings require materials and workers.

Construct a building by clicking on the land and selecting the appropriate house or building you would like placed there. Workers will travel over to the location and build the structure requested. Note: If the building’s icon is grayed out, you are missing something that is needed. Highlight your mouse over the icon to see what is lacking.

Once a property is completed, it can start benefiting you. Houses will begin to generate monthly rent. Recreational facilities will increase the approval rating of the neighborhood which results in an added bonus to your “appeal” rating. This rating can also be improved by painting the house.

As you build structures, you will need to be concerned about the amount of power being generated throughout the neighborhood. Energy can be increased by building power generating facilities like solar energy plants. The other alternative is to increase the energy efficiency of the homes by upgrading them with an Energy Saver. A home can be upgraded with the Energy Saver up to three times.

In between levels, plans for new types of buildings will become available and unlocked. To complete some levels, you will need to have access to certain types of buildings.

Build A Lot 4 has 68 levels to play. Complete all of them to win the game.

Hints and Tips

  • Repainting a house more than once does not increase the “appeal” rating.
  • Placing a power plant, shop or any other industrial type of building near a home will result in a negative “appeal” rating.
  • To make fast money in Build a Lot 4, sell homes you own. The more upgrades they have, the higher value they are worth.
  • You can save money by building certain structures. Building a workshop will allow you to hire workers for a cheaper cost. Garden centers let you maintain parks and landscapes for less money. A recycling center allows you to buy materials cheaper.
  • During a power blackout, you will not earn any money from rent, but you can still upgrade, buy, sell, demolish or build other structures.
  • Completing the Main campaign unlocks the “Challenge campaign. An “Expert” campaign is unlocked after completion of the “Challenge” campaign.
  • The more houses you have, the higher the “appeal” rating will be when they are painted and landscaped.
  • Shops and recreational facilities cannot be upgraded with the Energy Saver.
  • Apartments and Fancy Shops require the most energy.

*Screenshot images for the Build a Lot 4 article were created by Sheila Robinson.