Pandemic 2 Walkthrough: Dominate the Game with Ease

Pandemic 2 Walkthrough: Dominate the Game with Ease
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What is Pandemic 2?

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Pandemic 2 is strategy game developed by Dark Realm Studios and is the sequel to the original Pandemic game. This is a sort of real time strategy/simulation game where your job is to create a virus and infect the world for eradicating the human race on the planet.

The interface of the game is very simple but effective. Mini map is useful for quick navigation. There’s a news feed below the mini map that displays breaking news of the world. Even if you have never played Pandemic 2, grab it and start playing. I must say that this is seriously entertaining.

Pandemic 2 has been effectively improved than its predecessor and it’s quite entertaining to play. If you are interested in conquering the game in a quick time this walkthrough will be beneficial to you.

World Domination is Quite Easier with Our Walkthrough

It’s necessary to make right selections right from the start in order to advance through Pandemic 2. Let’s see what you can do and how you can act to enjoy and finish the game in a flash. Follow this Pandemic 2 strategy for winning the game as we have described here.

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Selecting a Disease

First step is selecting the best disease class that is strategically beneficial. Parasite is the best option. It evolves very slowly, however, least affected by the environment. Also it has the lowest visibility. Select Parasite for making sure that no one knows your existence while slowly infecting all regions soon.

Selling Symptoms

Sell any starting symptoms that you have in order to gain zero visibility.


Get level one resistance first and you don’t need others. Then accelerate the time to speed up the infection throughout all regions. Infecting Madagascar might be very hard before it close its ports. Just try it.

Acquiring Symptoms

If you managed to infect all regions, get drug resistance up to level 4 and also get the symptoms that help to spread the disease. Encephalitis is one of the best in terms of lethality. If you can acquire this, it’s easy to reach the victory quick and get the maximum out of this Pandemic 2 walkthrough.


If you acquired some symptoms and started to kill people, the active hospitals will be started to close down. Then it will be very difficult them to control the spread of the disease and you are steadily on your way to victory. Soon the number of healthy population will reach to zero by completing the infection to all humans.

Forsaken Regions

As time passes more and more regions will be displayed in the Forsaken Regions column. That means your victory is inevitable.

You have done it

Soon a message saying “Humanity Overcome” will be displayed along with your score. Congratulations! You managed to wipe out the human race. And that’s the end of it.

Some players say that Pandemic 2 is hard to play and need the assistance of some luck. You also need to be patient as the infection take some time be completed. However follow the Pandemic 2 walkthrough and you’ve a better chance of succeeding. If everything fails do a trick. Find some cheats for Pandemic 2 and assure your dominance.

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