The Top 10 Android Strategy Games

The Top 10 Android Strategy Games
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Best Android Strategy Games

There are plenty of strategy games available for the Google Android operating system. From proper RTS games to turn-based strategy games similar to Advanced Wars, there’s something for everyone. After all, there is a section of the gaming crowd that, on any given day, want a game where tactics win a battle. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the best Android strategy games.

10. European War

A Risk-like strategy game, European War is all about tactics and a little bit of luck. You have to conquer enemy territories in the war-torn Europe of the 18th century. Based on epic historical battles that took place on the continent during the 18th and 19th century, the game carefully weaves an intense strategy using a nifty card and dice system. With two modes of gameplay (Conquest and Battle mode), the game lets you revisit the bloody Battle of Marengo, Battle of Austerlitz, Battle of Galicia and many others. The graphics are impressive and the touch-based controls easy. If you like Risk-style games, then European War is the perfect game you are searching for.

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9. Townsmen 6

Townsmen 6 - One of the Best Real-Time Android Strategy Games

There are a few good real-time strategy games built for Android and Townsmen 6 is one of them. This free RTS revolves around the French Revolution and has all the aspects of an RTS - base-building, resource management and soldier-recruitment.

The main objective of the game is to build farms, fish huts and bakeries to improve productivity, recruit and train soldiers, and create a sizeable army to fight royal troops. An excellent feature of the game is the random map generator that offers infinite maps and makes every new game different from the last. The campaigns are non-linear, giving you ample opportunity to plan your attack. Townsmen 6 is a good solid RTS with an excellent replay value and is available free at the Android Market.

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8. Steambirds


This is a turn-based aerial combat game with an excellent local multiplayer mode that allows you to play against your friends. Steambirds moves beyond land and space warfare and gives you a taste of the aerial warfare of the 1940s. With plenty of battles to be unlocked, the game provides excellent turn-based combat and lets you control attack planes and use different types of bombs and missiles against enemy planes.

The best part of Steambirds is the simple visuals. The tiny fighter planes bombarding each other look great from a top-down perspective, which lets you decide where to maneuver your fighter jets and attack enemy aircrafts using tactics. The game is excellent graphics and gameplay-wise. If you are looking for Android strategy games with an aerial combat theme, you should download Steambirds.

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7. Crusaders


Crusaders blends history with mythology and presents a great real-time strategy title full of surprises and twists. It has huge randomly–generated maps that provide various strategic options to gamers. The game is a proper RTS, so expect endless hours of gameplay. You can build arch towers, castles and recruit soldiers and clerics to defeat different classes of enemy monsters and soldiers. The game has three difficulty levels and an online multiplayer mode that sports a leaderboard to post your scores. The game excels because of the large infinite maps and randomly-generated content, which ensures great replay value.

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6. Guns ‘n’ Glory

Guns ‘n’ Glory

A tower defense game set in the Wild Wild West, Guns ‘n’ Glory replaces turrets and cannons with bands of rugged bandits whose sole objective is to ambush and rob stagecoaches and gold trains. This fun game lets you strategically position cowboys and watch towers to lay an ambush and attack anyone passing by. All you have to do is tap a sleeping unit and drag it to a strategic position to attack gold trains and settlers. The game’s unique concept and easy touch-based controls make it one of the best Android strategy games.

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5. Everlands

Everlands - One of the Best Hex-based Android Strategy Games

This is a hex-based strategy game with a concept distinct from other games. Instead of aliens and humans, you will be choosing a variety of cute little animals with special abilities. The main objective of the game is to unite the animals of the colorful Everlands forest and defend it from sinister forces. The game’s 20 challenging levels let you devise your own tactics by combining a variety of abilities. The game has a local multiplayer option so you can play against your friends.

Everlands’ turn-based strategy gameplay is addictive and entertaining and gives a sense of accomplishment every time you complete a challenging level. Its colorful visuals and over 20 hand-painted animal characters give a fresh breath of life to the ever-popular hex-based strategy sub-genre. If you are bored with the usual military themed Android strategy games, then play Everlands to get a unique experience.

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4. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

This is proper real-time strategy game with a slightly unique gameplay concept. With a medieval setting, the game allows players to build buildings, manage resources, explore unknown territories and solve a variety of tasks. The objective of the game is to defend your kingdom from enemies and make it prosperous.

The game has a different take on troop recruitment and units. Instead of recruiting and training soldiers, players will have to hire heroes by bribing them. You will have to pay a certain amount of gold coins to warriors, barbarians and necromancers to defend your kingdom. This unique aspect of gameplay makes Majesty more fun and challenging than other strategy games.

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3. Battle for Mars

Battle for Mars

With gameplay mechanics similar to Advance Wars, Battle for Mars has an engaging combat system. You will have to build units and buildings and battle alien races in turn-based interplanetary warfare. The maps are well designed, making this game tactically more challenging than other turn-based strategy games. The game’s map is full of Martian mountains and forests, which play a role in strategically positioning your units. You will have to form units and capture enemy buildings to win a battle and take control of the map. With beautifully animated graphics and excellent Advance Wars-style gameplay, Battle for Mars is one of the best turn-based Android strategy games for your phone.

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2. Robo Defense

Robo Defense

This a tower defense game where players have to build defensive gun turrets to defend against swarms of opposing mech units. The game has a familiar tower defense setting, but its development tree adds more flexibility to the overall gameplay. The tech tree lets you upgrade your gun turrets and arms them with a variety of ammo.

The game has plenty of maps of various difficulty settings that throw in a surprising amount of strategy and force you to devise your own tactics. If you like tower defense games, then you should play Robo Defense. You can also read our Robo Defense Guide for some excellent tips.

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1. Uniwar

Uniwar - One of the Most Downloaded Android Strategy Games

A turn-based strategy game, Uniwar combines the gameplay mechanics of Advance Wars with the unit design of StarCraft. It is a hex-based strategy game with 3 races and more than 50 maps. The Campaign mode has 21 missions, with every mission having its own set of challenges and tasks. Uniwar has a nifty online multiplayer mode and local multiplayer mode that lets gamers battle against their friends. The multiplayer mode is where the game shines as players can play up to 20 games at once. It also allows games to create teams and battle with online bots or against each other.

Uniwar has a dedicated game ladder, forum and in-game chat system that lets players discuss the various strategies and tactics and seek help from expert gamers. Overall, Uniwar is one of the best turn-based Android strategy games. If you are looking for in-depth tips and tricks to win a battle, then you can check out our Uniwar Strategy Guide.

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