Heroes: Adding Alliance Members

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Heroes relies on a similar friending system as the rest of the PlayMesh library. Here you are asked to actually purchase them with your in game cash to add to your alliance. Adding these alliance members to your Heroes account is easy once you figure out where to look and how to do it.

Alliance Members

When you are in either Heroes main view, vertical or horizontal, and go to The Immortal. This is in the upper left hand view when looking at the open planet map and under Properties when in the vertical view. When you get here go and select The Immortal Offers at the bottom instead of PlayMesh Deals, which is where they stash the market for buying PlayMesh Points in Heroes. At the very top of this Immortal Offers display you will see a bar on top that says, “Hire a alliance member” with a green tinted price to the right. Press on this once and it will change into a long blue button that says Confirm Payment in the middle. If you press this again, you will purchase the alliance member for the set price.

PlayMesh Points and Tips

In the same Immortal Offers area is a second way that you can get alliance members. If you go two bars down you will see a bar that says, “the immortal offers you 2 alliance members.” This will cost you twenty PlayMesh Points, which you can get through purchasing or a few just for starting the game. This is the absolute best use of the PlayMesh Points in Heroes. As you purchase alliance members in Heroes they will become more expensive. This makes using PlayMesh Points for alliance members a great bet once you get further in Heroes and alliance members become more expensive. Try to wait until you have ten or more alliance members in your Heroes account until you spend your PlayMesh Points on them. Since a single alliance member can only control up to three properties then you are going to have to keep up on alliance member purchasing. Try to do this for every three pieces of properties you purchase.

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