Strategy Tips and Hints For Elven Legacy

Strategy Tips and Hints For Elven Legacy
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Strategy Tips for Elven Legacy

Elven Legacy is a popular fantasy turn-based strategy game featuring many levels, unit types and missions. To attain the highest level of success in the game, you must successfully complete each task within the “Gold Standard” time frame – a particular number of moves that is displayed before the mission begins and counts down at the top of the screen as each turn progresses.

An easy game to get started in, Elven Legacy is also easy to get lost in – as with many strategy titles it is all too enticing to rush in and lose your units in a series of badly thought-out maneuvers. It is much better to take into account as much as possible, from your unit strength to movement points.

Bright Hub already has a guide dedicated to the various units in Elven Legacy – before we continue into a series of mission walkthroughs, let us take a look at several general strategic points to keep in mind when playing this exciting strategy title.

Save and Load

The most important rule in any strategy game is to save you progress. Whether you’ve moved one piece or sent all of your units into a successful battle, saving the game regularly is vital to a successful campaign – at least during your first run through the game. Each game should also be saved with a unique name – you never know when you’ll need to go back to a particular turn.

Save/reload is a tried and tested staple of many strategy gamer’s arsenals - use it often in Elven Legacy.

Let Sagitell Fight

As a key character in the game, the Elven leader Sagitell is vital to the continued success of your campaigns. If he dies the game ends – but don’t over-protect him.

He has a powerful arrow that can absolutely devastate mounted units, and as such is better used in attack than leaving him hidden away at the back. By all means surround him with other units such as archers, but make sure he is at the forefront of your attacks.

Aerial Movements

Use aerial unit movement points widely

Managing the movement of all of your units is vital – but most important is not leaving them in danger. The aerial units can be left in a precarious position thanks to bad planning, and it is important to give them the chance to withdraw to safety after making an attack.

This might mean moving them out of range of the intended target, or using less than the available movement points in order to get the airborne unit into position in the next turn, so that you can then withdraw the unit from a retaliation attack.

Repair Units with Conscription

Ongoing success in Elven Legacy often depends on you repairing damaged units. Healing them will take a full turn, rendering the unit inoperative for the duration and possibly exposing them to a destructive attack. Withdrawing to safety isn’t always possible - in which case conscription can be used.

This can be done by forcing settlements to give up some of their population as a form of conscription. You can do this by moving your damaged unit to an undefended village and selecting the conscription button on the left side of the screen.