Aerie Spirit of the Forest – Game Hints and Tips to Restoring the Lands of Shangri La

About Aerie – Spirit of the Forest

Aerie Spirit of the Forest

Shangri La was a land of beauty and magic. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when meteors fell from the sky and destroyed it, leaving all life dead and covered in ash. Aerie is a magic spirit who can heal and restore the land of Shangri La with the help of the will-o-wisps. In this time management game, you can help Aerie succeed in her quest and bring back the beauty that once was.

Game Play

Aerie Spirit of the Forest screenshot

In each level of the game, Aerie travels to a different area of Shangri La that needs to be healed and restored. Plants, animals and terrain need to be healed and restored with the magic of the will-o-wisps and resource items. To heal any plant you will need to pick up some water. The water can be retrieved by water droplet icons and natural water bodies like small rivers and waterfalls. Click on the plant to heal and restore it. Once the plant turns completely green other tasks can be completed.

Other items that need to be restored require multiple resources. Dead land and certain plants will require seeds in addition to the water. To remove barriers, you will need animals. Taming animals requires “life force.” Just like any other task in the game, click on it to cause Aerie to walk over to start the healing and restoration process. Life force can be identified by a red footprint icon. It is also needed to make animals perform tasks, like removing large boulders.

Certain items in nature will constantly provide the resources you need. Large trees (when restored) will produce seeds. Restored rivers will be a good source for water. A deer will provide life force.

Each level in Aerie Spirit of the Forest is timed by the cycle of the moon (unless you play the “Relaxed” mode). If all tasks are not completed in this time, the level will need to be repeated to move forward in the game. Alternatively, if you have restored all life in the current level being played click on the portal exit to end and go to the summary screen. At this point your score is displayed which shows details of how many plants and other natural phenomena you have restored. You will also gain a moonstone that can be used to restore the Blue Temple that was destroyed in Shangri La. Note: If you play in the “Relaxed” mode, you will not collect any moonstones.

Hints and Tips

  • Keep track of your resources by looking at the icons displayed at the top of the screen. Use this to help you form the best strategy on how to heal and restore your current level.
  • Since certain tasks require multiple resources, a good strategy is to first heal areas that provide important resources that are needed. Water is an important resource used with most tasks so this should be done right away. With a supply of resources at your disposal, healing and restoring areas can be completed a lot faster.
  • Any dead land or plant is considered an obstacle. You cannot get past them unless they are healed and restored.
  • Random resource items will drop occasionally. Pick them up by clicking on them directly to cause Aerie to walk over to them. There are also hidden objects (like mushrooms) that will give additional resources when clicked on directly.
  • If you see a green monolith, you can click on it to give Aerie the ability to do two tasks at once. The red monolith will give Aerie a temporary boost in speed when clicked on.

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