Rachel’s Retreat Game Strategy and Tips

About Rachel’s Retreat

Rachels Retreat

Rachel has been on a search to reach her own “nirvana” by going to different retreats and spas. Unsatisfied, her friend suggests that she open up her own retreat. With the help of Sven Gali she hopes to make is a successful and relaxing place where people can enjoy themselves and achieve “nirvana.” In this time management game, you can make Rachel’s goals a reality in her peaceful, karma inducing spa retreat. With 50 levels to complete, Rachel’s Retreat will provide interesting challenges in a colorful and detailed environment.

Game Play

In each level, Rachel will need to send a specific number of clients into “nirvana” and earn karma points (which translate to coins) to succeed and move forward in the game. Each client that arrives at the retreat will request one or more services via thought bubble icons. To play, move a client by clicking on them and then clicking on the station they requested. The client will then move over to the station to receive treatment. Some stations require Rachel or an assistant to help the client, such as giving a massage or placing hot rocks on them. Other stations are relaxing areas (like a mud bath) that do not require any additional assistance.

You will notice that every client has a particular color surrounding them. These are “auras” that determine the client’s mood. A green aura indicates that they are happy. If you see a red aura, this means that the client is mad. Successful completion of a client’s services results in a purple “nirvana” aura. Clients that have reached this state need to be sent to the “nirvana” room. Click on the purple gong and the clients will go into this room.

When goals in your current level have been achieved, you can end play to go on to the next level, or keep going until bonus awards have been earned.

Nirvana Room Mini-Game

Rachels Retreat mini-game

In between game levels you can play a mini-game. All clients that you have successfully treated are seated in this room. Your goal is to make sure that every client is seated in the best location in order for them to achieve nirvana bliss. Clients that are happy where they are seated will appear to have a purple outline surrounding them. The clients that need to be moved will display a small image icon of the type of person they want to sit next to. Once all are happy, the mini-game ends and extra karma points (coins) are earned.


In Rachel’s Retreat, you can purchase different types of upgrades. These can be purchased during play through a small tabbed menu located at the bottom of the screen. You can buy items that improve customer patience, new spa stations, hire employees and items for improving the look and feel of the spa retreat. Certain items will be locked until specific levels are played or other items are purchased. Existing spa stations and other equipment can also be upgraded directly by clicking on the station’s icon located next to it. This will open up a small menu where an upgrade choice will display and can be clicked to purchase if desired.

Hints and Tips

  • The “Business Man” is not a patient client, but will give good tips when services are provided quickly.
  • Upgrades to most spa stations will provide additional space for more clients. Bonus karma points are also earned for placing multiple clients in the same station.
  • Place chairs in the waiting room to increase client’s patience.
  • Click on pink crystals that appear in the retreat to earn bonus karma points. The bigger the crystal, the more karma points it is worth. However, if the crystal gets too big without being collected it will burst and disappear.
  • A “mood sphere” can be purchased and used to change client’s mind about a certain station they request. This is useful when a particular station is busy and the client is becoming impatient.
  • A “fair placement” aura looks like a gray cloud and means that the client’s mood may not improve.
  • Send groups of clients to the "nirvana" room to earn chaining bonuses. To chain, make sure all "nirvana" ready clients are located in the waiting area.