Inspector Parker - A Classic Whodunit

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First things First.

Mystery fans and everyone who loves a little logic injected into their games will enjoy playing Inspector Parker. The online spin to the Whodunit games of yore. Play the gumshoe who’s been sent to intern under the great Inspector Parker and learn all you can from his master sleuthing. Will you be the one to solve the mystery and find out who’s lying or telling the truth? Or will you end up in the dust while the killer gets away?

Time’s a ticking master sleuth. Is this game hot or cold for you? Let’s dissect it one by one shall we??

Sounds (2 out of 5)

A little below average on this one mystery lover. If you’re thinking of sitting down and playing this game for hours you might want to have a different music playing in your background. The effects and music get monotonous and frankly, listening to footsteps as you enunciate the killer’s path will get tedious as the hours fly by.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

Pretty standard graphics here - not too bold that it takes you away from the gameplay but not too shabby either. The way the scenes are painted remind you of Victorian houses tucked away in the countryside untouched by time. The icons can be enlarged or kept to a bare minimum to illustrate the clues and beautify the scenes. There’s not really much to be done with the graphics as it is, in a larger sense a table top game brought to the digital age. Not too bad.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Here’s where the game takes the cake. As I previously mentioned, this is a great game for the mystery fans out there seeking to polish their sleuthing skills. Logic is applied at all times as you have to sift through the bodies of evidence given before you and race against other players into finding out who the real killer is. The level of difficulty can be adjusted of course and the twists in the game molded to suit your needs. The notebook allows you space to jot down notes and clues about each particular character, room or equipment making you feel like a real detective yourself. Play through the story or go through the challenge mode this is one game you can play over and over again.

Pricing (4 out of 5)

This game is a song for $19.95 for a handful of reasons, but mainly because its the type of game that you can play over and over again.

Practice your logical skills and hone your ability to know when or where to point the finger. Inspector Parker leaves you feeling smug and very much like a master sleuth after finishing through the game. Its a classic, and its something that everyone can enjoy playing whether alone or in a group.