Best Site for Free PC Game Downloads

Best Site for Free PC Game Downloads
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Are you looking for a family friendly site where you can download free PC games the people of all ages can enjoy? I have found the perfect site for you; there are all types of games for young children, teens, and adults to enjoy. Free PC Game Pick is where you can enjoy all types of free games.

There are plenty of first person shooter PC games for those who enjoy them, but I was amazed at the quality of the other PC games on the site. If you enjoy bowling, billiards, baseball, and volleyball, you will love those titles.

If you enjoy puzzles, mahjong, dominos, chess or solitaire there are fun titles to download here. There are seven different types of mahjong titles here, including Looney Tunes, city, and infinity. You can locate flying titles, where you fly anything you can imagine, and plenty of learning games which promote education and fun in one sweet little title. There are plenty of education games, so whatever your child is into you will find the perfect free pc game to download, and it will help that child.

There are plenty of dress-up PC games for girls to play, and I have never seen such a huge selection for girls specifically on any site. There are makeovers, and you can even dress up Brittney Spears in different outfits.

If you enjoy the Flintstones, you must download Bedrock Bobsledding Blowout; this one is very cool to play. You can also download titles that deal with Yosemite Sam, The Simpsons, Paris Hilton and other television character based games.


This web site features downloads of free PC games as graphic links to each game. I think by seeing the screenshots visitors get a better idea of the game, so I enjoyed this feature. The screenshots make the site very user friendly, and surprisingly it does load very quickly.

There is also a full text listing of the hundreds of available titles on this site at the bottom of every individual PC game page. Therefore, you can find titles by this option as well as the graphical menu.

System Requirements

The PC games here play on the various types of operating systems such as Windows 98 right up thru Vista and everything in between. All of these games have bright graphics and sound effects because they are the whole versions of the PC games.


This web site has all the PC games you could ever want, and it is easy to move around the site. There are plenty of screenshots of PC games for you to enjoy. These are free downloads, so save your money for a bigger hard drive and download more free PC games.