Amateur Surgeon I & II PC Game Review

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Fun With Medicine… (4 out of 5)

As any mother with kids, you tend to watch more cartoons than you really want to.  And, I get to watch more than my share of Cartoon Network.  When the kiddie cartoons end and the adult cartoons begin after 10 pm, you also get to see the great games that Adult Swim from Cartoon Network offers you online.  Being a connoisseur of fine PC games, I simply had to check them out.  One in particular caught my eye - Amature Surgeon.

Here is the story: you are a pizza delivery boy who has always dreamed of becoming a surgeon, although you are not smart enough to make it into medical school.  One day, you hit a man while delivering pizza, and he turns out to be a famous surgeon who disappeared from public life several years ago.  He decides to teach you to become a surgeon so you can help save his life.  So, you find a nice building with an abandoned pool table that you can use as an operating table.

With this wonderful set-up and some great instruments at your disposal (such as a blow torch and a pizza cutter), you operate on a long line of wonderful people – including a police man. As you go through the game, you operate on one patient after another, heading through both the first and second parts of the game. (As I write this, I have yet to play part three.) You have to complete each operation within a set time frame, and keep the patient alive. To do this, you have to use the tools that you have, and as you progress through the patients, the good doctor will give you more training and allow you to use different tools to complete the operation.

Overall, the game is what I would expect from Adult Swim… it’s funny and fun to play, plus it’s got some great effects such as bugs that appear from the incisions. It is challenging though, and I found that there were some people that I had to operate on several times before I could pass them. (Removing a computer tracking chip is harder than you might think!) But, it is fun to play even when you lose your patients. And, you can always go back and replay any character that you want to operate on once more for practice.

The game is actually so fun that I caught myself playing it for over an hour without realizing it. So, it is not hard to see that I would rate this game an easy 4 out of 5 and would say that you check it out when you have some free time to play.