Find The Difference With The Daily Diff Online Game: Review of The Daily Diff Online PC Game From

Pretty fun… (4 out of 5)

I personally am a big fan of the find the differences games, especially those online that use real photos and change every day. The constant changes and the challenges make them more fun to try to beat, and when you can find them online it is even more fun as you get to see where your skills stack up against other players. So, as I was looking through today, I found their Daily Diff game and gave it a whirl. While I was not quite as good as I thought I was, I was not the worst score there either. So, here is a user’s review of the Daily Diff on

Game Basics – in the Daily Diff, you have to find the 10 differences that are between the two photos. You are timed on this game, but the time goes up, so the faster that you find all the differences, the better your score is. If you use a hint to find a difference that you just can not seem to get, the timer adds 30 seconds onto it. If you click somewhere and there is no difference there, it will add 10 seconds onto your time. So, you have to really be careful where you click and make sure that there is a difference there before you do. The good thing is that the cursor moves on both photos, so you can easily see where you are going to click and see if there really is a difference in the photo before you hit that mouse button.

Once you play the photo once during the day, you can play again over and over to see how high your score is. I tried a few times, but the highest that I managed to get was #147 out of #500. The first time you play, your score is put against other first time scores. After that, your score is put against all of the other people who have played it over and over again. So, you really have to be fast on the draw to get very high at all!

Graphics – Well, it’s really hard to judge the graphics here because these are actual photos that you have to find the differences in. But, whoever does the differences is really good at placing them where they are not obvious to the eye, in other words, you really have to try to find the differences instead of just being able to click and go.

Overall, I give this photo hunt game a 4 out of 5. It was really fun to do, but I wish that there were more levels.