Fireworks Columns Online PC Game - Review of Fireworks Columns, a Tetris-style Game available from Yahoo! Games

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Drop the blocks to light up the sky (2 out of 5)

Well, I decided to play this one because I love Tetris-style games. But, I have to admit - I was a bit disappointed with this game as it just is not that fun to play. Here is my gamer’s review of Fireworks Columns:

Game Basics - In Fireworks Columns, you have to line up the three different colored firework bombs so that the same color bomb lines up three or more in a row, either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. This sounds easy enough, but you can only rotate the balls up and around - you can not lay the bombs flat or move them in any other way. So, you are basically stacking them up over and over again. There are several different colors: yellow, pink, red, green, blue, turquois, purple, and white - that I saw. (But, I did not go past level three).

You can easily line them up to create a cascade where if one row goes, several others will too - but, sometimes you just end up with a big mess. There is no special anything to the game itself and I got extremely bored by about level 3 and just quit playing. I mean, even Tetris has some special bonuses if you get a combination effect or if you make a row of more than four or the like. This game has nothing special to offer gamers at all.

Graphics - Well, they are ok. I mean, basically you have firework bomb balls that have a star or firework pattern in the middle of them. The background on the game board is a single color that fades darker as it goes up, and the graphics around the board are not really anything great either. When you do bust the bombs by creating three or more in a row, you see fireworks of that color on the left hand side of the board. And that is about it…

Overall, I give Fireworks Columns a 2 out of 5 just because it is really just boring. If you have a few minutes of time to waste and want to try it out to see if you do better than I did, go for it. But I want to warn you now, I would go for some of the other games that you can find for free on Yahoo! Games.