Ciao Bella Free PC Game - Review of Ciao Bella, a Free PC Sim Game by T-Mobile

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Bad, Bad, Bad (1 out of 5)

So I headed into playing this game because it actually looked decent. But, not only is this a game designed by T-Mobile to entice you to purchase a Sidekick (which I don’t mind so much), the game is terrible. Here is my gamer’s review of Ciao Bella:

Game Basics - You work at your uncle’s shop as an accountant. You have a wonderful boyfriend, Elio, who you are planning a surprise party for on Saturday. And, you still have to get ready for the party while you work, take care of everyone’s problems, and go about your life.

While this sounds like a fun SIM game to try out, especially for a free one, it is not. For example, you cannot do much of anything in the game until you go to the T-Mobile store and get a Sidekick. Only then can you play the game. At least in other games designed by companies to get you to buy their stuff, they are not as bad as this one; the story line is decent enough, but the characters are all stereotypical and the plot is muddied up by the fact that it all revolves around T-Mobile.

I could not even get into the game enough to play it half way through because of the poor story and the fact that no matter what you do - T-Mobile is there to run your life.

Graphics - When you first look at the graphics, it looks as if they had some work put into them. But, once the people start moving and you see the game overall, there wasn’t much done here. The characters are all paper-dollish, and their movements are choppy and harsh. The colors of the game itself are not in any way bright or colorful, in fact, they are really bland and mostly beige and tan and mauve - like a doctor’s office is.

Overall, I give Ciao Bella a 1 out of 5. The only thing that even remotely saves it is the graphics and there is not even much there to go on. So, I would not recommend that you take the time out of your busy work - or play - schedule to try this game out.