Ball Lines Free PC Puzzle Game - Review of Free Online Puzzler, Ball Lines, from Yahoo! Games

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They Just Keep Coming… (4 out of 5)

This is one of those online strategy games that most people lose by about level 3. It is really challenging if you head into it, assuming that you can win each level as you go, with no planning what so ever. But, as you will see from this gamer’s review, Ball Lines is not just a play to win game.

Game Basics

There is really nothing more simple than the concept of this game: you have to clear the colored balls from the board by matching them with other balls of the same color. You have to place them in groups of 5 or more, and you have to be quick. As you remove balls from the board, more will appear.

Now, one good thing is that you can see which color balls will appear next because a little star will appear where the new ball will as soon as you make your next move. So, you can head off potential problems in your next line at times, but since you only have one move per turn, it is easy to get all tangled up too fast. You have to really pay attention as to where the next colors will appear and which colors you already have set up on the board or you will find yourself overrun with different colors everywhere and none that will match up.

This is especially hard in later levels when you have red and orange balls and blue and violet balls that are extremely similar in color so it is easy to get mixed up.


There really is not much to the graphics here, just a plain gray grid board with multi-color balls that appear and disappear on it when you make your next selection. But, because of the challenge of the game itself, there is really no need for flashy graphics or other things. You are already concentrating on where to move next so that you do not get stuck, so really any other graphics might just mess up the game for you.

Final Score

Overall, I am going to give Ball Lines a 4 out of 5. I mean, they could have picked a cooler name, like Stuck, or something… just be more creative than “Ball Lines”. But it is a great free online puzzle game to check out, especially if you like a serious gaming challenge.