Pokemon Black and White Oshawott Team: Using Oshawott

Pokemon Black and White Oshawott Team: Using Oshawott
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Pokemon Black and White Oshawott Team

Oshawott is the cute water type Pokémon with a sea otter appearance. He is one of the starter Pokémon you can pick in the Unova area, right where you begin your journey. This Pokémon is predominantly male, with a bipedal form and fangs that show only when he opens his mouth. Oshawott may seem like an impractical Pokémon to keep in its earliest form, but it does have its pros.

Oshawott’s Stats

This water type pokemon first starts off with an HP amount of 55, which can grow up to 314 when he reaches level 100. His attack and defense start at 55 and 45, while climbing up to 229 and 207 at level 100. This is still not a lot compared to other type Pokémon, especially legendary, but the little Oshawott can hold its own, especially for an experienced Pokémon master. His stats can also grow when giving him certain items, this can help in the long run.

Type Effectiveness

Oshawott on the select screen

Naturally being a water type, Oshawott is weak to grass and lightning, but with the learning TM protect, he can battle it out against the toughest lightning and grass foes. He can also learn the ground attack dig by TM, which is super effective against lightning type Pokémon. When fighting against a grass Pokémon, give Oshawott one of the following TMs: Ariel ace, ice beam, hail, blizzard, or toxic. These attacks plus fury cutter, which he learns at level 19, are all successful against grass type Pokémon. The stronger Oshawott is, the better he can conduct the full potential of these moves and may even beat out gym leaders that have these types of Pokémon, provided he has been leveled over 50.

Special Moves

Oshawott has numerous special moves that work against Pokémon weak to water, fighting, and bug. Most of his moves are predominantly water type, such as water gun, aqua jet, water pulse, and his last move which he learns at level 43, hydro pump, the strongest water attack with a power of over 110. Oshawott may remind Pokémon players of the first Pokémon red and blue games, since he has skill sets much like squirtle, who could also go through the game without having to evolve in its next form.

Keeping Oshawott from Evolving

Oshawott sprite

This is the hardest thing to do, because every player wants to see their critter evolve and get stronger. But if you are up for the challenge of keeping Oshawott that same, say no every time it wants to evolve. Oshawott can rival against its second evolve form Dewott with the right leveling up and TMs giving to him. He can also learn the special move water pledge if you wish to tutor him at a certain level. A Pokémon black and white Oshawott team can deal the damage if you are up to the challenge.