What is a Good Moveset for Samurott Guide

What is a Good Moveset for Samurott Guide
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What is a Good Moveset for Samurott?

Samurott has an interesting choice in design. It has a shell like head with a sea lion body, and the name itself comes from the Japanese samurai. It is an almost entirely male, with only %12 being female, but even if you have a female Samurott, there are no differences in stats between them. Making a good move set for Samurott can take some patience, since you must get rid of some of its older skills before continuing on. Aqua tail which it learns at level 45 is a keeper since it can work the best against those weak with water (steel, fire, ice). Swords dance, which is learned at level 57 is another to keep. This will raise Samurott’s attack up to two times, working great with aqua tail.

The last move it can learn without using TMs, is hydro pump, arguably the best water type skill. This is definitely a keeper when fighting against stronger enemies that are weak to water, it can also be used on normal type Pokémon as well as it does some decent damage. Learning a few good TMs that can damage the Pokemon its weak against, like grass and electric and definitely needed if you plan on using Samurott the most throughout the later stages of the game. Using aerial ace, a flying move can harm grass types, as well as X-scissor, another move that can cause great damage and is in the bug type category. The move fury cutter which is learned by its previous form dewott is also an adequate bug type move to use against grass.

When fighting against a tough electric type Pokemon, there are some other TMs that will work for Samurott. Although Samurott will not learn another that involves ground, it can use its own swords dance skill to boost up its attack and use revenge, a fighting type move that doubles damage the next turn.

Samurott’s Stats

Samurott will most likely starts out with 100 HP, 100 attack, 85 defense, and an 108 special attack. At level 100, Samurott’s special attack reigns supreme, going up to 346. Its hit points climb up as well, stopping at about 394. Attack is high at 328, with its defense being the weakest link at 295, this means drastic measures when it comes using skills in battle that can double its attack just to defeat the other Pokémon in the nick of time.

Using Samurott to the Fullest

Samurott sprite

So, what is a good moveset for samurott? It is one that engages a lot of heavy hitting and special skills that will add a stronger attack power like swords dance and revenge. Keeping plenty of health items when samurott is fighting against grass and electric is needed as well. When it is fighting against any other type, just go all out with its special attacks and it will win in the end no problem.

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