Using the Pokemon Woobat

Using the Pokemon Woobat
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Pokemon Woobat

Woobat is a common Pokémon that can be found in the Wellspring Cave, Twist Mountain, Victory Road, and Mistralton Cave. Woobat can only be evolved to Swoobat if it has a high level of happiness which can be obtain by feeding it EV berries and vitamins. It can also gain happiness from grooming, massages, and using energy roots. Woobat is small, fluffy and has a heart shaped nostril. It has both psychic and flying types infused in it which can be both a disadvantage and advantage depending on what type of Pokémon it is fighting.

Woobat’s Stats

The Pokemon Woobat starts out with some simple stats, an HP of 55, an attack of 45 and defense of 43. The highest stat Woobat has is speed at 72. Speed is the best stat that Woobat has, as it can go up to 267 when it reaches level 100. Its hit points are well rounded as well, going to 314. Woobat definitely is not as powerful as its upgraded form Swoobat, but it still can hold its own against many strong Pokémon.

Type Effectiveness

Woobat is weak to a number of different elements those being rock, electric, ice, ghost, and dark. It can resist attacks against fighting, grass, and psychic types, as well being totally unaffected by ground Pokémon attacks. If Woobat is using the skill gravity, ground attacks will actually damage it, so it is best to avoid using that skill when ground attacks are involved. When fighting against rock types, Woobat can use the TM Gyro Ball which is a steel type attack to badly damage its opponent. When fighting against an electric type, Woobat can use gust and reflect to protect itself from a lighting skill, this also goes for when fighting against an ice type Pokémon. Woobat can also use the skill fly to save itself from upcoming blows that could cause it to faint.

Woobat’s Skills

Woobat learns its best move, fly, when it gets the HM number 02. When it reaches level 47, it gains the skill endeavor which causes the opponents hit points to be on equal terms with Woobat’s. This is a great skill to use against a very strong Pokémon or one that it is weak against. The best skills this flying psychic Pokémon has are heart stamp, air slash, calm mind, and future sight.

Keeping Woobat on the Team

Woobat sprite

If the Pokémon Woobat is wanted instead of Swoobat, try to keep it from gaining happiness and if it does, so no to the evolution process. Woobat is slightly weaker than its evolved form but it does have some good skills and some TMs that it can be given that can be learned and be given to Swoobat at a certain level if need be.