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What are Facebook Poker Chips

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you curious about online poker? Learn about Facebook poker chips and Zynga's plethora of gambling inspired games. Discover where to play and how along with the secrets of online poker card games.

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    Online Poker Revolution

    Facebook Poker Chips The image of the average poker player has dramatically changed through the use of the Internet. Previously middle-aged men sitting at a round table with cigars were the face of poker and then online gaming was born. Now people of all demographics worldwide can test their luck in a friendly hand of poker. Major gambling sites like Planet Poker and PokerStars created virtual card rooms where players can enter to play a variety of games using a real currency exchange for chips. Instead of going to the local casino to gamble players are able to play Blackjack, Omaha, Seven card Stud, Texas Holdem, Razz, Five-card draw, and H.O.R.S.E in the comfort of their home. The convenience of online poker spawned a larger more extensive demographic. Today housewives to high powered executives play poker online for fun and sport.

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    What are Facebook Poker Chips?

    buy facebook poker chips screenshot Many social networking sites offer a variety of free games. Facebook is one of the most popular and features Zynga’s Texas Holdem Poker. Facebook poker chips are the standard virtual currency predominately used in the game. The main objective is to win as many chips as possible by placing smart bets and drawing the best 5 card hand. Players with the highest amount of chips are recognized on the top 100 list. Zynga’s Poker is different from standard online poker sites that make users pay for their chips. The game can be played without spending any real money. Each player starts out with a reasonable amount and earns more when leveling up or winning a hand. It’s great for new players still learning the basics of the game as well as individuals who want to gamble without risking a great deal.

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    Play Poker Online Free

    free online texas holdem poker Users receive Facebook poker chips for free in various ways. A daily lottery gives players $100 or more worth of chips simply for logging in each day. Bonus chips are handed out for downloading the iPhone application version, convincing friends to sign up to play, and joining the Winner’s Circle group which rewards up to a million chips in their welcome email. Buddies can also send each other free poker chips as gifts. Accumulating a lot of friends and sending each other gifts on a regular basis is an excellent method to keep the chips rolling in. Zynga’s Poker game and chips is basically free. If for some reason you lose it all in an intense round or just want more there are purchase options. Users can buy Facebook poker chips with their PayPal or credit card. There are several bundles ranging in price from $2 to $125 depending on how much an individual is willing to spend. Compared to other poker hot spots their currency exchange is extremely reasonable. Nothing beats playing online poker in your pajamas.

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