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Race Crew

In Street Racers, you add people to your crew in much the same way as you do in all PlayMesh games, especially since Street Racers is an iRacing update. Instead of adding other Street Racers players to your “friends list”, you simply purchase them as items in your Street Racers account. Here is an overview of adding crew members to your Street Racers account.

Buying Crew Members

When you are in the vertical Street Racers view go to Sponsors, which will likely be highlighted in yell and is above the purple highlighted Police and below Real Estate. When you are in Sponsors make sure that at the bottom the Sponsor Offers is selected instead of PlayMesh Deals, which is just where you go to be linked to the place to shop for PlayMesh Points used in Street Racers. Most of the Sponsors Offers are to buy things with PlayMesh Points, such as money or full energy. At the very top of this list, you will find the only item you can buy with your Street Racers money, which are crew members. The very top bar under the numeric indication of how many PlayMesh Points your Street Racers account has says “Hire a crew member” in its left and a green font price in its right. Hit this once to turn it into a Confirm Payment button, and a second time to actually purchase the crew member.

Using PlayMesh Points

You can also use PlayMesh Points to buy crew members, if you have some. Two bars below the normal crew member purchase slot is one that says “The Sponsors offer you 2 crew member” with a price to its right that indicates twenty PlayMesh Points. Tap it once to turn it into a button and second time to actually purchase the two crew members for twenty PlayMesh Points.

Rising Prices

Crew members become more expensive the more you have, which is true of absolutely every PlayMesh game. Since in the beginning you should be focusing on buying properties you should notice quickly that a single crew member can only control three developed properties. This means that you need to begin purchasing crew members for every three properties you will build, and this will bring up the price significantly in the very beginning because you will be developing so much real estate. Once the price has skyrocketed, it is best to use your PlayMesh Points on purchasing crew members.

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