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The theme is really the only thing that tends to separate different MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, except the iPhone developer that makes them. All games by PlayMesh are similar in base game design, and the same is true for MMO text based iPhone RPGs by Zynga, The Godfather, Storm8, and the others. Within their individual libraries their theme are what defines the reason to play them. Street Racers, a second generation PlayMesh incarnation of iRacing, employs all of the functions of the other PlayMesh games with slightly tinted names. This includes things like Missions, the Bank, and Real Estate. The Hospital function, which is called Repair in Street Racing, is both familiar to PlayMesh players and a little unique. Here are some tips for using the Street Racing Repair feature.

Street Racers Repair

When you are in the horizontal Landscape view of Street Racers, find the Repair bubble, which is more to the left and tucked under and in between the Garage and Dealership. Before you actually enter the Street Racers Repair, you have to make sure that you actually are going to need repairs. If you do not, the only thing that will be in Repair will be a line that says “You don’t need the mechanic.” Once you actually have a less than full health bar you will be able to use the Street Racers Repair.

In the middle of the screen will be a blue button that says Repair. Above that will be the Repair Cost listed, which will vary depending on your level and how much you have to repair. You are going to have to use money from your Street Racers Bank to pay the Repair Cost. You are not allowed to just use spare cash to pay the bill in Street Racers Repair.

Street Racers Tips

The cost of using the Street Racers Repair is double fold because you have to both use the Bank and the Repair. The Street Racing Bank itself has a ten percent fee taken out of all deposits. This is an unreasonable cost that takes quite a bit. Once this is added to the cost of using the Street Racing Repair you will find something that should not be used on a regular basis. This should be saved for later on when you have to repair for a number of fights. Usually you should just wait for your Street Racers account to repair itself. If you are low on money and having trouble reaching financial hurdles then using the Street Racers Repair should be very low on your priority list.

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