How to Start Over in Race or Die While Keeping Your Friend Code on the iPhone

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Starting Over

One basic feature of most free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs is the ability to start all over. Your success is often determined by the sum total of your actions far later in the game. This means that to really be comparably successful to other players you have to have made almost every right move. This is usually impossible to do when you are new to the game, but you do have the opportunity to bring things down to zero and do it all over. Here is a guide to resetting your Race or Die account.

How to Reset Your Race or Die Account

When you are at the main Race or Die Home screen go to Stats, which is the orange tinted option at the very bottom of the right hand column. Once in the Race or Die stats you will see all of your statistics for your Race or Die account. This is where you will see things like how many experience points you will need before you get to the next level, how many fights you have won or lost, different achievements you have made, and car parts you have purchased.

At the very bottom of the Race or Die Stats page, directly under your Estate, will be the Reset button. Press it once and you will be asked if you are sure.

Keeping Your Friend Code

Once you select that you are everything will be deleted from your account, except your Race or Die Friend Code will stay the same and you will retain all of your Race or Die Crew Members. You are allowed to retain all of your Race or Die Crew Members and your same Race or Die Friend Code because you do not want to have to negatively affect any of your Crew Members and so that if you spread your Race or Die Friend Code around you do not have to replace it.

Feel free to add to your Crew Members and spread your code around as much as possible. My code is 118 081 495.

Race or Die Tips for Account Reset

Make sure that you only reset your Race or Die account once you are sure that you really need to start over. This is more obvious when you hit upper levels and can still not win any races against other Race or Die players.

If you are constantly being attacked and continue to stay on the lower end of the pool then you may be able to reset, but make it a last resort. Do not let a lack of Race or Die Crew Members influence this decision, especially since your Race or Die Friend Code stays the same.

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