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Race or Die Backroom

The Godfather has begun to try to communicate more with their players than they had previous. The newer version of iMob Online includes features that allow communication right in the game and there have been major development in their online presence. Race or Die is their most advanced endeavor to date and they have stepped this up even further.

Inside Race or Die there is an area called the Backroom, and this provides a whole host of different informational opportunities to help you as you begin and advance in Race or Die. Here is a guide to the Race or Die Backroom.

Race or Die Forum

The Race or Die Backroom is composed of three essential areas: Forum, Blog and FAQ. Each of these has their own tab, just as each area in Race or Die is composed of a series of tabs. The one you will start on when entering the Race or Die Backroom is Forum. Here it really just gives you information about the Race or Die Forum and then give you a link to it.

When you select the Race or Die Forum link from within the game it will open Safari and take you there. The Race or Die Forums are at forums.raceordieonline.com and are useful if you like a forum environment.

Race or Die Blog

The Race or Die Blog tab may be the most useful part of the Race or Die Backroom. Inside the Race or Die Blog you are going to see information that will help you keep up with the new information in Race or Die. The main purpose of the Race or Die Blog is to give you news as it happens that directly pertains to your account.

For example, the Race or Die Blog announced when a free Respect Points package was released for iMob Online that would also give you a new car. The Race or Die Blog will always be a good place to check for upcoming free Respect Points packages or any other updates. The Race or Die Blog will also address complaints and details inside Race or Die.

Race or Die FAQ

The Race or Die FAQ is definitely helpful for new players. It is inside the Race or Die FAQ that you are going to find the basic information about sections like Jobs, Estates, ATM, Black List and Race or Die Respect Points. Do not expect to get up to date information in the Race or Die FAQ, or things about updates or free Respect Points.

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