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Island of the Mountain Rivers - Royal Envoy PC Game

In the next part of Royal Envoy, players continue on to the Island of the Mountain Rivers, a beautiful island that is covered by running water but also plagued by storms. Nothing truly new is introduced on this island, but players should get used to making more independent decisions on what to build and what to demolish. Demolishing is used very often in these boards and often in conjunction with the workshop.

Level 35

Resources: 10,000 Coin, 0 Wood, 3 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 1 Market
  • 1 Bank
  • 1 Workshop
  • 6 Chalets
  • 50 Happiness

Build a saw mill immediately to the left of the castle and order as much wood as possible. Collect taxes from all the villas and put up siding on each one. Keep collecting money while trying to get 1,000 wood. Then build a workshop next to the saw mill. Keep gathering taxes from the villa until you receive 10,000 coin and keep someone busy at the workshop at all times. Build chalets in the empty spots and put siding on them right away. Pay off the pirate and unlock a pre-built chalet. Go ahead and hire two more workers to help put gardens on the houses. Tear down the villa to the left of the workshop and put up a bank. Order 800 wood. Tear down the saw mill and build a market. Tear down the two villas and build chalets. Put gardens on all the chalets, or build beautifying items around the chalet to the northeast. You should accomplish all your tasks with plenty of time left on the expert bar.

Level 36

Resources: 15,000 Coin, 1,500 Wood, 3 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Cottages with gardens
  • 2 Chalets with gardens
  • 2 Villa with gardens
  • Repair all houses

Begin by clearing all the debris starting with the lot directly east of the castle. Hire a new worker. Build a saw mill and order the maximum amount of wood. Build two markets and get enough money for 700 wood. Use the wood to build the middle bridge first, and keep making deals. Order enough wood to repair the houses and then make deals at the market until you can pay off the pirate. Pay off the pirate and repair the cabin. Repair all bridges and houses and add a garden to each one. You should have plenty of time with the two markets and the saw mill making your money and wood. Do not be afraid to ignore taxes and build rapidly. Hire additional workers and tax collectors to make things easier on you once you have enough wood to accomplish your goals.

Level 37

Resources: 0 Coin, 1,000 Wood, 7 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 70,000 Gold
  • 50 Happiness

Start level 37 of Royal Envoy by immediately building a workshop and chopping down the debris on the other two plots. As soon as the workshop is built, send a worker to begin generating wood. Send five other workers to begin dismantling the fountains and flowers directly north of the castle. Then build two markets as soon as you have the wood. You should have plenty. Next, make deals at the market until you have 15,000 coin, and then pay off the pirate. If you have 3,000 more coin to spare, go ahead and make a deal with the next pirate. Make sure that you keep a constant stream of workers busy in your workshop in order to get enough wood to make deals at the market places. Put siding on all the houses revealed after collect your first rent from it. Go ahead and hire another tax collector at the castle so that you can collect coin more quickly. Build three lamp posts, and you will get your 50 happiness. You will have 70,000 gold in no time if you nothing else. To make things go faster, you can tear down a marketplace and build a bank, but you do not need to do so.

Level 38

Resources: 0 Coin, 700 Wood, 5 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 7 Markets
  • 3 Flowers

Start by sending two workers to cut the two available debris spots. Then begin clearing a path to the first market to the east of the castle and to the empty lot to the southeast. You have five workers, so put them all to work clearing land. Repair the first market when you get to it and begin making deals. Go ahead and clear another market and fix it also. I recommend clearing the one to the northeast of the castle since it is the next closest one. When you have enough money, purchase a saw mill for the empty lot to the southeast of the castle. Order wood frequently, and repair all the markets available. Be very careful not to make so many deals that you use up the 2,000 wood needed to build the last two markets. Build those and continue making deals and getting wood. You need 1,350 wood to build the flowers needed, so once you get that, build your flowers.

Level 39

Resources: 0 Coin, 500 Wood, 3 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 6 Flowebeds
  • 100 Happiness
  • 6 Chalets

Collect money and put siding on each of the villas until you get 4,000 coins. Immediately build your sawmill and collect taxes until you have 8,000 coin. Then order your first batch of wood, and go ahead and tear down the next villa that you collect coin from. Build your first chalet and put siding on it. Keep collecting coin and tearing down villas to replace them with chalets. Go ahead and hire two more workers. Build all your flowers. As soon as you have all your chalets built, make sure that you have at least 100 wood and tear down your sawmill. Build a cabin in the middle and put a garden on it. That will take care of the last 10 happiness you need. Though this is a relatively easy board, the timing on it must be perfect because a lot of demolishing must occur.

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