Unlock Royal Envoy Bonus Levels

Unlock Royal Envoy Bonus Levels
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Island of the Golden Sand

Island of the Golden Sand is the next step in the Royal Envoy trip, and the game truly becomes challenging to beat within the expert time. Our walkthrough continues with detailed explanations on how to obtain a gold star on every level in the Island of the Golden Sands.

Level 27 - Royal Envoy Bonus Levels

Resources: 0 Coin, 1,500 Wood, 7 Workers, 4 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Chalets with 3 Stars
  • 2 Villas with 3 Stars
  • 130 Happiness

Start by building two villas in the two empty lots and immediately begin upgrading them with the wood. Remember to put siding on them after the first time you collect taxes. Go ahead and dig up the treasure hidden behind the palm to the left. Collect money until the pirate to the west can be paid, and immediately strike a deal when the market is unlocked. Start ordering wood and upgrade the villas all the way. Then order more wood and upgrade the chalets. Keep ordering wood and upgrading. When you have 700 wood to spare, build a cabin and put a garden on it immediately. Keep ordering wood 800 pieces at a time. The money should be great at this point. Then put up either a flower garden on one of the happy-face sign spots and another flower on the other. You can also put up a lamp and a fountain.

Level 28 - Getting Royal Envoy Bonus Levels

Resources: 3,000 Coin, 2,000 Wood, 4 Workers, 2 Tax Collectors

  • 4 Flowers
  • 60 Happiness

Royal Envoy Flowers

Start by building a villa in the empty lot southeast and closest to the castle. Send the rest of your workers to chop the wood starting with the one on the right first. Build another villa when the workers are free. Remember to put siding on both. Every piece of wood matters right now. Clear the debris that leads to the pirate as fast as possible, and clear the one on the left when you have an extra worker. Pay off the pirate when you have 4,000 coins, and remember to leave some wood for the market deal. Put siding on the chalet that has been unlocked. Then build a sawmill, and upgrade your villas. Build a chalet in the last open slot. Hire two more tax collectors, and send them to make deals and collect taxes as fast as possible. Upgrade the two villas all the way, and order wood 800 pieces at a time. You can wait until you have 2,000 coin in the bank to collect to maximize your tax collectors. Begin building flowers in the happy-face sign spots. You will need 700 wood to open the last flower spot, but you should be making great money now. Keep ordering wood as fast as possible, and build gardens on all your houses. You should be able to get 4 flowers and 60 happiness with plenty of time to spare.

Level 29 - Unlocking Royal Envoy Bonus Levels

Level 29

Resources: 0 Coin, 1,200 Wood, 7 Workers, 4 Tax Collectors

  • 1 Workshop
  • 4 Villas with 3 Stars
  • 4 Flowerbeds

Royal Envoy Workshop

This level requires some very active clicking. Start by building a workshop on the empty lot to the far southwest corner of the map. Immediately send a tax collector to collect from the house, and be ready to send a worker to do the siding as soon as the collector is done. Send two workers to chop debris on either side of the bridge, and do not let them go home. When the market is open, immediately make a deal. Keep the workers there chopping all the debris by assigning them to a new piece as soon as they’re done with the first pieces. Make sure that you keep workers at the workshop at all times, and put siding on the villas as soon as you collect taxes the first time after they’ve been unlocked. Unlock the pirate with 6,000 coins. Build a sawmill as soon as you have another 4,000 coin. Order wood and collect taxes. Build flowerbeds (cheapest beautifying object) and build a villa. Upgrade all your villas, and order wood as fast as you can. If you start to near the time limit, don’t wait to upgrade after the tax collector. Just chain upgrade until you meet all the requirements.

Level 30 - Guide to Unlocking Royal Envoy Bonus Levels

Resources: 3,000 Coin, 5 Wood, 2 Workers, 1 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Villas with 3 Stars
  • 120 Happiness

Royal Envoy Villa

This level has multiple solutions for beating it on expert time. The easiest method is to begin by dismantling the cottage on the right while collecting the first taxes. Immediately put siding on that chalet and dismantle the cabin as well. Make a trade to get some money coming in, and get someone started on the workshop. Build a saw mill where the cottage used to be (to the east of the workshop). Order some wood with the trade money and hire one more worker. Keep at least one worker at the workshop at all times creating wood. Keep gathering taxes from the lone chalet and build a villa as soon as possible in the spot to the west of the chalet. Continue to gather money from the chalet and make deals. Order more wood. When you have 600 extra wood, knock down the chalet and build a villa. Upgrade both villas to 3 stars. Hire two more workers. Order wood and keep someone busy at the workshop at all times. Put a fountain in between the two houses and then put a garden on both of them. You should beat this level with plenty of time as long as you keep everyone busy.

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