Royal Envoy Game and Royal Envoy Help

Royal Envoy Game and Royal Envoy Help
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Royal Envoy Game and Royal Envoy Help

Royal Envoy, created by Playrix and published by BigFish games, plays like many of the traditional city building strategy games. It offers gorgeous graphics, fun game play, and a delightful array of trophies to earn. The game itself has over 63 boards and more if a player can reach Expert Mode. This guide offers basic strategy for beating all the boards. For strategies for beating each board before the timer runs out and to get into expert mode, please see our other guides for Royal Envoy. For additional fun, be sure to mouse over and click on many of the graphics in the introduction screen.

Story of Royal Envoy

Players start the game in the presence of the king and quickly become designated the chief builder for the kingdom of Islandshire. As the name suggests, the kingdom seems to be composed of a great number of islands. Each of the islands suffers from some catastrophe or another that requires the hands of an expert builder. As players progress through the game, new buildings become unlocked and available for purchase. Other buildings become more powerful and allow players to build more quickly.

A royal envoy by the name of Cedric tags along with players to give them basic instructions on how to play. He is later joined by a pirate, who also happens to be a little girl, and a one-eyed parrot.

Tasks in Royal Envoy - Royal Envoy Game


Each board requires a number of tasks to be completed, and the tasks can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. As they tasks are completed, they letters will turn green indicating that the task is done. Some tasks are quite simple and can be accomplished quickly while others will take careful planning and time. Finishing all the tasks on an island allows players to move on to other islands. Simply click on a red buoy to move on to an unfinished board. Finished boards will show up in green.

Basic Building Strategies in Royal Envoy - Royal Envoy Help

Every building except for the Sawmill requires wood to build, so management of wood supplies becomes extremely important especially in some of the later boards. Wood can be obtained by chopping down obstacles, bought through the sawmill, or created using the workshop and a worker. The workshop comes much later in the game, and the presence of a workshop allows players to dismantle other buildings and receive wood in return. Workers are the other resource required to build anything in the game. Some buildings only require one worker while others will take up to three

Gathering Gold in Royal Envoy

Money in Royal Envoy

The Sawmill is the first way for players to generate wood steadily, and it requires gold to operate. Gold becomes a necessity for quickly generating wood supplies, and in some boards, all players start with is a nice pile of gold. Appropriating that gold for specific projects becomes the difference between simply beating the board and earning an expert star on the board.

Houses are the first way players are taught to earn gold. Build a basic house, a cabin in the early boards, and as the green timer bar ticks down, a purple sack of gold appears above the house. These can only be collected by Tax Collectors, so make sure that they are present. (Most boards start off with at least one tax collector.) Later, Markets become available. Tax collectors can then trade a small amount of wood for some gold. Be sure to check the trades before they are made because some of them are not as profitable.

Beat the Timer in Royal Envoy


Completing the tasks before the yellow timer on the left hand side of the screen allows players to win trophies and unlock expert mode. If a board expertly beaten, the buoy will sport a yellow star. When each island is completed expertly, the island trophy will be awarded to the player in the trophy room. In order to unlock expert mode and extra playing material, players must beat the entire game in expert mode. This can be quite a challenge, so please check some of our other guides for solutions. None are offered in this guide to prevent unintended spoilers.


Royal Envoy shares elements with popular games like Build-A-Lot 2 and other such city builders. Its pirate and fantasy theme will appeal to those who enjoy the genre, and the game contains several clever animations and detailed art. Simply looking at the map screen and mousing around can provide entertainment. Players who enjoy the Build-A-Lot series will find fun challenges in this new game, and much of the game play will be familiar. With sixty-three boards before expert mode, the game offers a lot of content. At BigFish prices, it becomes quite a bargain.

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