Free Royal Envoy Hints - Level 19, Level 20

Free Royal Envoy Hints - Level 19, Level 20
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Island of the Forest Spirits - Royal Envoy Hints

The continuation of the Royal Envoy hints and guides takes players through the Island of the Forest Spirits which starts at level 19 and goes to level 26. Level 26 is a hidden level. While most of these boards can easily be beaten by an experience players, some of them offer a true challenge, and they cannot easily be won in the expert time limitation. Getting expert stars on all 63 levels of Royal Envoy will unlock Expert Mode. Expert Mode can be access by a whirl pool that shows up on the map, and with these hints, players can learn to unlock it all.

Level 19 - Royal Envoy Hints

Resources: 500 Coin, 700 Wood, 7 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 5 Cottages with 3 stars
  • 2 Chalets
  • 30 Happiness

Start by sending one of your workers to immediately upgrade one of the cottages that has a green bar half way filled. Send a tax collector to collect the one that is ready. Collect all taxes and put siding immediately on the cottages. Keep upgrading. Pay off the 1,000 coins to the cheapest pirate and collect tax on the opened cottage right away. Put siding on immediately. As soon as you have 2,000 coins, make a deal with the bottom pirate and then build a chalet. You do not have to upgrade any of your chalets, but I upgraded this one in order to make more money. Immediately send your guys to dig up the treasure opened there, too. At this point, you should be running out of wood, so order as much as you can. Upgrade al your cottages to three stars and put down two flower beds. You only need to put in two gardens after that. When you have 3,000 coins, open up the last spot and build a chalet. Add your gardens and your goals should be met.

Level 20 - Royal Envoy Hints

Resources: 8,000 Coins, 400 Wood, 7 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Cabins with 3 Stars
  • 3 Chalets with 3 Stars
  • 30 Happiness

Royal Envoy Empty Lot

Begin by ordering as much wood as possible. Then start building a chalet in the empty lot northwest the castle and put siding immediately on it after it’s done being built. Dig up the treasure on the right, and send someone to build the bridge and dig up the treasure on the top. Collect taxes continually from the cottages while building and upgrading all the chalets. Order wood whenever you can afford it and keep building. Once all the chalets are built and partially upgraded, demolish all the cottages up top. The chalets will provide 1,000 coins once they are fully upgraded, so ordering wood should be fast. Build cabins and begin upgrading them immediately. At this point, the coins from the cabin are unnecessary, so upgrade continuously and put a garden on each of them. All goals should be completed at this stage.

Level 21 - Royal Envoy Free Hints

Resources: 15,000 Coin, 2,100 Wood, 7 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Banks
  • 19 Lanterns

Royal Envoy Bank

Start by building one bank immediately to the left of the castle in the empty lot and order as much wood as possible right away. Build two chalets on the lots to the southeast of the castle. Do siding as soon as the building is complete. Order more wood. Build a second bank as soon as possible. Begin collecting taxes and upgrading the chalets as fast as possible. Build lamps whenever there’s downtime between building, and do not forget to collect taxes immediately. Collect coin from the bank when tax collectors are available. They can collect up to 2,000 coin at a time. Upgrade all three chalets, collect taxes, and order wood until all 19 lanterns are complete.

Level 22 - More Royal Envoy Free Hints

Resources: 14,000 Coin, 0 Wood, 5 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 30,000 Gold
  • 50 Happiness

Start by making deals with the three pirates on the farthest left. They block the three starred chalet, the bank, and the three treasure piles. Immediately collect taxes and then put up siding. Dig up the three treasures and unlock the other bank. Then unlock the 2-starred chalet and the sawmill next. Order some wood, but order 200 at a time to make sure that you spend as little as possible to do everything you want. Keep unlocking houses by paying off the pirates. Upgrade your 2-starred chalet to 3 stars. Unlock all the other chalets and put flowers of the houses at the end. Put a lamp post on the two other houses while continuing to collect coins. Build a garden if necessary. Then collect coin until you complete the goal. (This one is really easy to beat in the given time, so take it easy.)

Level 23 - Royal Envoy Free Hints

Resources: 60,000 Coin, 0 Wood, 2 Worker, 0 Tax Collectors

  • 120 Happiness

Royal Envoy Chalet

Compared to the frantic pace of the previous boards, this one is slow and steady. Start by building a sawmill directly east of the castle. Then order 800 wood each time until you run out of money. You will have 5,600 wood, and you need 5,000 of that wood to build the bridge. Build the bridge and then immediately send your two workers to dig up the treasure in the middle of the map. You will get 1,000 coin and 4,000 wood. As soon as you have the 1,000 coin, order a tax collector and make a deal. Get your workers to build another market in the southeast corner. Make deals until you have 35,000 coin to get past the first pirate. Keep making deals and dig up the next treasure. You should get more wood. Pay the next pirate 10,000 coins. When the smoke disappears, build a fountain and two gardens. You will have 120 happiness.

Level 24 - Royal Envoy Strategies and Hints

Resource: 9,000 Coins, 1,200 Wood, 3 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 1 Market
  • 4 Chalets with 3 Stars
  • Have no homes with happiness less than 15

Start by building a market next to the sawmill and collecting the taxes. Get siding on the two existing chalets as soon as possible and begin upgrading. Make a deal. Build another chalet and order wood. Go ahead and hire two more workers to make the level easier. Build another chalet as soon as you have the wood, and start upgrading as fast as possible. Remember to put siding on all your houses. Once they are built, you can sneak in a siding or an upgrade. Upgrade all chalets to three stars, and add flowerbeds to all of the houses. You should have plenty of time left over to get the expert star.

Level 25 - Royal Envoy Strategies and Hints

Resources: 0 Coins, 1,000 Wood, 2 Workers, 2 Tax Collectors

  • Build a Ship
  • 40 Happiness

Royal Envoy Ship Frame

The four chalets that you have are all that you need. Start by building a marketplace in the empty lot next to the banks. Make a deal as soon as you are able to do so and start collecting your taxes. Hire one more tax collector when you are able in order to facilitate money gathering. The key strategy here is to continually order wood and hire workers to send to the boat. The workers use wood rapidly, so you will need at least two workers to facilitate your wood orders. I use a total of 10 workers on this board and 3 tax collectors. I upgraded one of the two star chalets (left of the castle) to three stars. When you have about half of your time left, start building gardens on each of your chalets and get that out of the way. You should have no problem beating this level within the expert time limit, but it turns out that level 25 is not the last one in the Island of the Forest Spirits.

Level 26 - The Hidden Level Royal Envoy Strategies and Hints

Resources: 0 Coin, 3,000 Wood, 10 Workers, 10 Tax Collectors

  • 110 Happiness
  • Clear All the Smoke

Royal Envoy Pirate

This level can be quite a challenge, so follow the hints carefully. Be sure to always have as many of your people active as possible. First, start by building two markets—one directly to the east of the castle and one directly west. Then build three cabins on the far east side under the pirates. Put siding on each cabin as it finishes, and make deals as soon as the market is ready. Be careful to make deals using as little wood as possible for as much money as possible because you will need 12,000 coins and then 7,5000 coins as soon as possible. Pay those off and watch your wood. Build a sawmill as soon as you pay off the first 12,000 coins unless you need wood before then. You will need 4,000 coins to buy the sawmill so be careful. Pay off the last 7,500 as soon as you can and then begin ordering as much wood as you can. Build cabins and gardens. Then when you have enough wood to build 3 cabins and gardens in addition to the ones you are already building, tear down the two markets and the sawmill. Build three more cabins and their gardens. Congratulations, you have beaten Level 6, the hidden level, on expert time.

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