Royal Envoy Walkthru Game Guide for Free - Level 13 to Level 15

Royal Envoy Walkthru Game Guide for Free - Level 13 to Level 15
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Swamp Island - Royal Envoy Walkthru

Unlocking expert mode in the Royal Envoy game is often a matter of planning. Remember that the game does not begin until the first order is given, so do not be afraid to take a moment to study the map and do some pre-planning. If things start to go badly, simply hit the menu button and restart the level. The first real challenges are found in Swamp Island in Royal Envoy.

Level 13 - Royal Envoy Game Guide - Royal Envoy Walkthru

Resources: 0 Gold, 0 Wood, 3 Workers, 7 Tax Collectors

  • 25,000
  • 50 Happiness

Start by sending three tax collectors to get money from the banks, and as soon as one gets back, send him to the pirate to make a deal. Once the pirate gets out of the way, send all three workers to dig up the treasures on the top left-hand corner of the screen. They will all bring back wood. Immediately build a cottage in the open lot to the left of the castle as soon as the worker gets back. Upgrade as soon as it is done building. You will have just enough time to finish before the first taxes are ready. Fill all open lots with cottages and upgrade as soon as each of them are built. Send two workers to dig up the rest of the treasure while the other one keeps upgrading houses. Remember to upgrade immediately after getting taxes in order to not miss a tax round. Start building gardens as soon as every house is at two stars since it only takes one worker to put in a garden, but it takes two workers to upgrade to three stars. Every time a bank gets to 500 gold, send a tax collector to get it. You have plenty of collectors and plenty of wood to finish this round with lots of time remaining. Finish upgrading and collect money until the goals are met.

Level 14

Resources: 0 Gold, 1,500 Wood, 6 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 6 Homes with Gardens

Royal Envoy Garden

Start by immediately making the first deal with a tax collector, and send a worker out to build another marketplace. Build two cottages and begin upgrading immediately. You can safely upgrade to three stars and have plenty left over to build the last four cabins. Your real goal here is to get 9,000 coins as fast as possible since you have to pay off the pirate who is generating smoke to cover the last three spots. Collect coin and make deals at the marketplace until you can pay the pirate. Then immediately demolish one of the marketplaces and replace it with a cabin. Build a garden immediately. If you are out of wood, send a worker to dig up the treasure in the middle. Do that if you have extra workers. Build three cabins quickly and add a garden as soon as the worker completes the building.

Level 15

Resources: 2,000 Coin, 350 Wood, 4 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Cottages with 3 Stars
  • 80 Happiness

Start by sending a worker out to the sawmill and get 200 wood. Send two tax collectors to get the money out of the bank while sending two workers to build cottages in the two lots closest to the castle. Build cabins on two other lots. Upgrade all of them as soon as construction is complete. Collect taxes as soon as possible and order more wood. Upgrade the two cottages again and build the last cabin. Send your tax collectors out frequently. Upgrade the cottages to three stars as soon as you have enough wood. Make sure you order more wood as soon as you have the coin you need. Put gardens on all your houses and build flower gardens in all the free spaces. That will get you the 80 happiness with the least amount of wood needed.

Level 16

Resources: 1,500 Coin, 500 Wood, 4 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 120 Happiness

Royal Envoy Treasure

Start by building a bank, a sawmill, and a market in that order, and go ahead and send out collectors while those are being built. Your real goal here is to make 10,000 coins in order to pay off the two pirates. As soon as you are able to do so, order wood from the sawmill in order to make a deal at the market. Keep collecting money and making deals until you have 5,000 coins to pay off the first pirate. Fix any broken buildings as soon as you are able to do so. Pay off the first pirate and dig up the two sites for extra wood. Collect coin until you have another 5,000 coins. This should be fast with the market and the bank. Once you unlock the last two lots, build two cabins, and you will have 120 happiness.

Level 17

Resources: 11,000 Coin, 0 Wood, 1 Worker, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Cabins with 3 Stars
  • 2 Cottages with 3 Stars
  • Install 5 Siding

Royal Envoy Castle

Start by sending a worker to the sawmill and ordering 200 wood, and immediately hire another worker at the same time. Have the two workers begin building the two needed cottages and put in siding as soon as the building is complete. Hire a third worker and send him to the sawmill for another 200 wood. Have one worker upgrade the cottage while the other two build the needed cabins. Again, put in siding right away. Keep upgrading the cottages as soon as possible because they will be the primary source of income. Order wood again after putting up two cabins. Take a moment to upgrade a cottage all the way while building another cabin. Now simply upgrade, order wood, and collect taxes until all the goals are met.

Level 18

Resources: 0 Coin, 1,500 Wood, 2 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 100 Happiness
  • Buy the Balloon

Start by building a market in the bottom empty lot. Immediately start building a second market in the empty lot directly west of the pirate. Go ahead and start building a cabin and put on siding as soon as construction is complete. As soon as your market completes, send a person out to make a deal. As soon as you get 1,000 coin, make a deal with the pirate. Build a sawmill as soon as you have another 1,000. Always collect taxes as soon as you are able to do so and finish building your cabins. You can upgrade a few times, but start adding money to the balloon as soon as possible. You will likely need to add 2,000 coins twice, 500 coins once, and 100 coins a couple of times. Just keep an eye on the gauge. Balance the balloon as soon as possible, and go ahead and order 200 wood when you can. Put lamps between the three cabins. That will get you more than enough happiness.

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