Royal Envoy Expert Mode Walkthrough - Part 2

Royal Envoy Expert Mode Walkthrough - Part 2
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Introduction to the Royal Envoy Expert Mode Walkthrough

Expert mode can be unlocked in Royal Envoy by beating each level in a specific amount of time. All 63 levels must be beaten this way in order to unlock expert mode, and some of the boards can be extremely hard to win. This free guide explains how to receive a gold star for every level. Remember that multiple strategies may work, so feel free to work on your own.

Palm Island - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Level 1 – Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Resources: 1,000 Wood, 2 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 5 Cabins
  • 1,500 coins

Start the tutorial by clicking on the house with the money bags. The golden timer will not begin to count down until you have done that. Build three more cabins in addition to the two that are already there, and then collect coins until the goals are met.

Level 2

Resources: 2,700 Gold, 40 Wood, 2 Workers, 2 Tax Collectors

  • 1 Sawmill
  • 5 Cabins

Start the game by building a sawmill on the site directly north of the castle. This allows your workers to get to it quickly. Once that is built, order wood right away. Build three more cabins while having your tax collectors gather gold.

Level 3

Royal Envoy Level Complete

Resources: 2,750 Gold, 70 Wood, 3 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Cabins with 3 Stars

Start the board by following the directions and upgrading your first house. As soon as you can, build a sawmill and order some wood. Upgrade each house as soon as your tax collector is done collecting gold. The last upgrade for a cabin requires two workers, so try to time ordering wood from the sawmill carefully.

Rocky Island - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Level 4

Resources: 0 Gold, 500 Wood, 4 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • stars

    3,500 gold

Start by clicking on the pile of debris with the green arrow on it, and send a tax collector as soon as a gold bag is ready. Go ahead and send all the workers to clear the debris that can be reached early on in the board. After those are cleared, send workers out to clear the debris blocking the houses first. Go ahead and start upgrading houses as soon as workers are available. This will allow tax collectors to gather more money in the same amount of time. Remember to begin upgrades immediately after a tax collector is done picking up the rent.

Level 5

Resources: 8,000 Gold, 0 Wood, 0 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 6 Cabins with 3 Stars
  • Start Forging nails

Start by hiring a worker and then sending a tax collector to collect the first rent. As soon as the worker has been recruited, start recruiting another one. Send the current one out to build a sawmill in the only free lot available on the map. Send the rest of the newly recruited workers out to clear the debris around the houses, and begin ordering lumber at the sawmill right away. Upgrade all houses to three stars while continually ordering lumber at the sawmill. Finally, start forging nails. The last order of nails requires 300 wood and 5 workers.

Rocky Island - Royal Envoy Walkthrough (Continued)

Level 6

Resources: 5,500 Gold, 0 Wood, 2 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 4 Cottages

Timer Bar

Start by building a sawmill with one of your workers and chopping down debris that leads to the highest upgraded house that you have. Once your sawmill is built, go ahead and order 200 wood. Each cottage takes 150 wood to build, so as soon as the wood is ready, build your first cottage on the empty lot. Make sure that your free worker constantly chops down wood while your other worker goes to the sawmill, demolishes houses, and build them. Your tax collectors should be very busy. As soon as you are able to build your second cottage, demolish a house right after collecting taxes from it. Continue until all four cottages are ready.

Level 7

Resources: 0 Gold, 1,500 Wood, 2 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 2 Markets
  • 3 Market Trades
  • 7,500 Gold

As your first action, build a market in the empty lot north of the castle. You have plenty of wood, and you may begin making trades right away. Chop down the debris to the house northwest of the castle and demolish the cabin directly west of the castle. Build another market there right away. Clear the rest of the debris, collect taxes, and continue to make trades until the desired goal of 7,500 gold has been reached.

Pirate Island - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Level 8

Resources: 0 Gold, 2,000 Wood, 3 Workers, 5 Tax Collectors

  • 6 Homes with Gardens
  • 30 Happiness

Royal Envoy Castle

The real goal in this game is to get 10,000 coins to pay off the pirate who blocks off an area that allows for two more houses to be built. Start the game by immediately making a trade and then building cottages in the two available lots. Continue making trades while upgrading all the available homes to two or three stars simply to get more income coming in. Remember to upgrade right after collecting taxes in order not to miss a round of taxes. A saw mill is not needed on this board. After upgrading, build gardens on each of the four houses available. Make the deal with the pirate as soon as you have 10,000 coins. Build two cabins in the open lots and plant gardens immediately.

Level 9

Resources: 8,000 Gold, 100 Wood, 1 Worker, 4 Tax Collectors

  • 1 Sawmill
  • 1 Market
  • 5 Cabins with 3 Stars
  • 20 Happiness

Immediately build a sawmill on the vacant lot to the southeast of the castle. This allows for quick and easy access to wood. Upgrade the first cabin from which you collect taxes, and do not upgrade anything else. Order 200 wood from the sawmill. When that is delivered, you should have 270 wood. You need 250 to build a market. Build a market on the lot farthest east from the castle. The market will only affect one house’s happiness if you put it there. Order more wood from the sawmill while making your first deal. Build cabins in the empty lots and upgrade them all to 3 stars. Remember to order wood and hire two more workers. With four workers, you should be able to build, upgrade, and plant gardens while in plenty of time to receive the expert star.

Pirate Island - Royal Envoy Walkthrough (Continued)

Level 10

Resources: 500 Gold, 1,500 Wood, 3 Workers, 4 Tax Collectors

  • DigTreasure

    1 Bank

  • 50 Happiness

  • 10,000 Gold

Start by building a bank in the empty lot directly to the southeast of the castle and start building two cottages in the lots directly to the west of the castle. Then build two more cottages in the two northern lots. Collect rent until you have 3,000 coins and trade with the pirate. Build your last house in the empty lot north of the markets while making deals. Put gardens in all the houses and continue collecting rent and making deals until you have 10,000 coins.

Level 11

Resources: 0 Gold, 300 Wood, 2 Workers, 2 Tax Collectors, -20 Happiness

  • 5 Cottages with 3 Stars
  • Dig Up the Pirate’s Treasure

Start the game by collecting taxes and then immediately upgrading a cottage to three stars. This requires both of your workers, so do not send any to dig yet. Continue collecting taxes and upgrading until you get 2,000 coins. This will allow you to deal with the pirate and get him out of the way. Every time the bank collects 500 coins, send a tax collector out to gather your money. As soon as the pirate is out of the way, begin hiring workers and sending them to the dig site. Upgrade the last house as soon as possible using the saw mill if needed. Hire one additional tax collector to aid in collecting taxes and coin. Three should be plenty to do all the work needed. Hire 6 other workers and send them to the dig site. By this time, your original workers should be done upgrading, so send one of them to the site as well. You should have one free to run around if needed. Dig until you find the treasure.

Level 12

Resource: 20,000 Gold, 0 Wood, 0 Workers, 0 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Cabins with 3 Stars
  • 3 Cottages with 3 Stars
  • 60 Happiness

Royal Envoy Treasure

Start the game by hiring one worker. As soon as he is hired, build a sawmill in the lot to the south and quickly hire another worker. Send that worker to start digging up the extra gold. Chain hire workers for a total of 6 and then hire one tax collector. As soon as the sawmill is complete, start ordering 200 wood while your workers build three cottages and begin upgrading them right away. You have more than enough coin, so do not worry about collecting taxes except as an aside. Quickly upgrade everything and build gardens. You need to have at least 300 wood to be able to finish that last cabin, so make sure that you have that and then knock down the sawmill. You should have at least one-third of the time left on your gold bar when you demolish. Otherwise, you will not have enough time to upgrade three times and build a garden. This board has to be played very quickly, and you need to be ordering wood constantly until you demolish the sawmill. This may take a few tries, but just keep in mind that money is no object. You can actually play the entire board without collecting taxes even once.

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