Free Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Free Royal Envoy Walkthrough
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Level 31 - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Resources: 0 Coin, 650 Wood, 2 Workers, 2 Tax Collectors

  • 30 Happiness
  • 1 Fountain

Many solutions exist for this level. Start by sending both workers out to clear the debris while sending your tax collector out to collect the first taxes. Then send one worker to the woodshop while the other one puts siding on the first chalet. Collect taxes from the second one and put siding on that chalet as well. Build a villa in the southeast corner lot, and make sure that you keep your workers constantly at the woodshop. Upgrade your villa twice and then hire another worker. Keep one worker on the woodshop at all times build the bridge when you have 300 wood. Collect taxes until you can bribe the pirate. Knock down the two chalets and keep collecting money from your villa. Build your fountain and then build three cabins. Put gardens on all the cabins. If you need to, you can knock down your villa for extra wood.

Level 32 – Circus Tent Walkthrough

Resources: 3,500 Coin, 650 Wood, 7 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 2,500 Happiness

Royal Envoy Circus Tent

This board can be quite challenging and requires you to be at the top of your game in multi-tasking. Start by sending a worker immediately to the workshop. Then send workers to each of the debris site. As soon as the worker at the workshop finishes, send another worker to begin right working right away. Build the bridge as soon as you have 800 wood. You have plenty of workers, so use them. As soon as the bridge is built, send a tax collector to make a deal. Build a saw mill at the bottom left corner lot. Obtain 1,000 wood between the saw mill and the workshop. Build another market in the top left corner lot. Make deals and keep collecting wood. Make at least 1,500 wood and send three workers to restore the tent. Begin building cabins as fast as possible and continue making deals and gathering wood. When all the cabins are built, send a tax collector to become a clown and hire a new tax collector right away. DO NOT collect any taxes, or your tax collectors will be too tied up to be clowns and make deals at the market. If you need just a few hundred to be able to turn another tax collector into a clown, then you can collect from a few cabins. You only need three clowns to meet the 2,500 happiness goal.

Level 33 - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Resources: 12,000 Coin, 700 Wood, 7 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Villas
  • 300 Happiness

Villa Royal Envoy

This board requires some extremely fast-paced maintenance. Start by ordering 800 wood, putting someone on the workshop, and digging up the treasure. Then build one villa and upgrade it immediately. Gather the taxes from it, and order more wood. Put siding on the villa. Upgrade again when possible. Keep someone in the workshop at all times, and order more wood. Upgrade to the last star. Save up 1,000 wood to build a market. Build another villa, and again, upgrade it immediately upon completion. Side it after collecting the first taxes. Get 1,000 wood and build the bridge. Collect taxes and bank money until you have 25,000 coins. Pay off the pirate. Begin ordering as much wood as possible with any leftover money. Keep collecting taxes and begin putting gardens on all the houses. Remember, don’t forget to keep someone in the workshop. Demolish the two banks and the market. Build two fountains, two cabins with gardens, and you should complete all your goals. This may take a few tries to get everything down correctly, and you will not have much time left on the expert clock.

Level 34 - Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Resources: 2,000 Coin, 1,050 Wood, 7 Workers, 3 Tax Collectors

  • 3 Cottages with 3 Stars
  • 2 Chalets with 3 Stars
  • 1 Villa with 3 Stars

Royal Envoy Fountain

This level can be beaten in several different ways. Try to start with a level that allows you to make a trade right away with 50 wood for at least 3,000 coin. Start with building a workshop in the spare lot, and gather taxes from the cabins until your workshop is finished. If you made the 3,000 coin trade, you can make a deal with the pirate immediately to unlock two more cabins. When the wood comes back from the cabins, make sure that you keep someone in the workshop at all times. Demolish all the cabins. When you make your next deal, build a saw mill right beneath the castle. Then order enough wood to build a villa (600 wood). Upgrade your villa as fast as possible. Make deals and collect taxes from the villa. Order as much wood as you can. Do not order any unless you can get at least 400. Build your two chalets next, and if you have extra wood, go ahead and build a cottage. Upgrade these to three stars, and collect all your taxes. At this point, you should be making great money, so keep ordering wood. Demolish your market and build another cottage. Upgrade it fully without collecting any taxes. Order the last of your wood while you are doing this demolish the saw mill. Build your last cottage and upgrade it fully.

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