Top Scribblenauts Secrets and Memes

Top Internet Memes and Scribblenauts Secrets – Part 1


Both Scribblenauts and its sequel Super Scribblenauts are known for featuring a vast dictionary of words that can be typed on the game’s keyboard to summon and use in puzzles. This is a gameplay element that helps these games stand out among other puzzlers, and the amount of words in the Scribblenauts dictionary is surprisingly large. By now, gamers who have played one or both of these titles have discovered the inclusion of internet memes. Some are obscure, while others are well-known. These are the top 10 internet memes and Scribblenauts Secrets found in Scribblenauts.



The slang term LOLWUT is known for being used across the internet. Funnily enough, developer 5th Cell decided to include it in the Scribblenauts dictionary. Typing in “LOLWUT” summons a giant Maxwell head that doesn’t really do anything but does serve as a cool accessory that can be worn by the game’s protagonist. Maxwell with a giant head? LOLWUT?

Post Two One Seven

This piece of promotional art for the game was based on Post 217 on NeoGAF.

It’s crazy to think how far fan appreciation can go. A NeoGAF member became a part of Scribblenauts history by praising the game on the NeoGAF forums. His lengthy post—post 217—was the basis for the first game’s promotional artwork, and a rendition of his post—where he talked about traveling back in time, getting on a dinosaur, and taking that dinosaur back to the present to kick some robot zombie behind—can be seen in the game when you type “POST TWO ONE SEVEN” in the game.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

'All your base are belong to us.' Engrish, quite possibly the greatest language ever.

Chances are if you’ve been gaming for a very long time you’ve come across the occasional Engrish typo. This “language” has become the source for many internet memes, and one of the most popular phrases in the Engrish language has to be “All your base are belong to us”, which was appeared in the intro for Zero Wing. Type “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” in Scribblenauts for a hit of nostalgia.

Giant Enemy Crab

Giant enemy crabs: the most fearsome creatures in all of Japan's history.

Giant enemy crab dates all the way back to E3 2006. The speaker for Genji: Days of the Blade, which went on to be a really bad PlayStation 3 game, was talking about the game and saying that the battles were based on real events that occurred in ancient Japan. At that moment a giant crab appeared onscreen, and the presenter stated, “So here’s this giant enemy crab.” He went on to say that gamers had to “attack its weak point for massive damage.” In what can only be poking fun at this presentation, the terms “giant enemy crab”, “massive damage”, and “ancient Japanese history” all call forth, that’s right, a giant enemy crab.

Leeroy Jenkins


If you’re not familiar with Leeroy Jenkins, then be sure to YouTube “Leeroy Jenkins original.” Summoning this guy in Scribblenauts will result in a knight appearing onscreen. Though a knight is nothing to write home about, the true story behind Leeroy Jenkins, who cost his guild victory in World of Warcraft after not listening to their strategy briefing and just rushing into battle, is hilarious. That alone makes this one of the funniest Scribblenauts secrets.

Top Internet Memes in Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts is full of seemingly countless words, many of which are nice little surprises and internet memes. It’s great that developer 5th Cell chose to include these in the game. With nearly 30 memes in the game, you’re sure to have some good laughs as you uncover these parts of internet culture. Check out the next entry of this two-part series to see the top 5 memes in Scribblenauts.

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With 30 popular internet memes in their vast dictionaries, Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts have some nice little surprises for gamers. These are the top memes that you can conjure up in the two Scribblenauts games.
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