Play Scribblenauts and Call Forth Some Hilarious Internet Memes

Top Memes in Scribblenauts – Part 2


If you had the chance to play Scribblenauts or its sequel Super Scribblenauts, then you’ve probably played around with the in-game dictionary to see what kinds of crazy creations you can conjure up. Everything from the fierce Cthulhu to a simple businessman can be summoned in the game. In addition to both real-life and fictional objects and living creatures, a myriad of internet memes can also be called forth. The inclusion of these internet culture icons is definitely a nice touch on the part of 5th Cell.

Last time we listed five internet memes that were great to see in both Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts. In this entry we’ll round up the list with five more internet memes that were great additions to the dictionaries in 5th Cell’s innovative DS titles.

Ceiling Cat

Ceiling cat is watching Maxell...

It’s insane how pictures of cats can be manipulated and become a part of internet culture. This is the case with lolcats, and you can bet these little guys made their presence felt in Scribblenauts. One of the more memorable iterations of the ever popular lolcat is ceiling cat. Poking his head through a cracked ceiling, this feline can be placed in the sky to watch Maxwell as he solves puzzles. Creepy.


Weegee, Mario's younger, creepier brother.

Scribblenauts not only plugged an internet meme with this one, but they also made a Nintendo reference, which is pretty cool. Whenever someone types “WEEGEE” in the game, a plumber pops up. In case you didn’t know, Weegee is the nickname given to Mario’s younger brother Luigi and specifically pinpoints his strange expression and awkward posture in the game Mario is Missing. This has got to be the most exposure Luigi has ever gotten.


Maxwell just got rickrolled.

Chances are if you’ve browsed around on YouTube, you’ve been rickrolled. That’s just what happens. It’s not very common these days, but getting rickrolled was fairly popular for some time. The word “RICKROLL” summons a man in Scribblenauts who represents Rick Astley. After a few seconds of being onscreen, he explodes. Nice touch, 5th Cell!


Philosoraptor is known for his wise words.

Wise words are hard to come by, but you can rest assured that philosoraptor—the philosophical raptor—will always have something wise to say. The hilarity of this internet meme makes its addition in Scribblenauts truly priceless. Type in “PHILOSORAPTOR’’ and a friendly monocle-wearing raptor appears. Maxwell could certainly learn a thing or two from this meme’s sage advice.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard cat: ridiculous, but absolutely hilarious.

As ridiculous as keyboard cat may be, the fact that it is included in Scribblenauts is pretty awesome. Unlike its internet counterpart, 5th Cell’s interpretation of keyboard cat actually plays the keyboard (at least its animation makes it seem that way). Of all the lolcats included in both Scribblenauts games, this has to be the most comical. Refined and skilled, keyboard cat is a great addition to the list of words in Scribblenauts.

Top Internet Memes in Scribblenauts

If you have yet to play around with all of the internet memes in either of 5th Cell’s word-based puzzle games, then you definitely should the next time you play Scribblenauts or Super Scribblenauts. Internet memes are a huge part of online culture, and being able to summon the offbeat is just part of what makes Scribblenauts so entertaining. Next time you think about solving a puzzle, add your own spin on it and throw philosoraptor into the mix just for laughs.

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