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Sims 3 Late Night Guide to Instruments

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

In the new Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack brings with it new instruments. In the Sims 3, music is now more than it has even been in the Sims before.

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    In the Sims 3, music is becoming a major focus. The Sims 3 Late night expansion pack brings with it three new instruments, drums, piano, and a bass. There is already a guitar in the game, allowing for the Sims 3 bands to be formed by Sims. Sims, however, can help themselves by choosing certain traits, completing challenges, and of course, practicing until their little virtual fingers bleed to become a famous Sims 3 band.

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    Learning to Play

    Like the guitar in the Sims 3, Sims learn to play the new instruments in a similar fashion. Sims can choose to attend a class, learn to play by themselves at home, or they can hit downtown and play at a club or a bar. Sims who choose to attend a class or try their luck downtown, should still spend plenty of time practicing at home. As with most things, the more a Sim does it, the better he or she will be and the faster he or she will develop the skills needed to please people with music.

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    Progressing and Improving

    Progressing is necessary for a bands success. As bands improve, they will be able to begin playing new music styles, such as jazz, rock, and blues. Sims must play to progress and improve their skills on their chosen instrument. At the first few progression levels, Sims will not be rock stars, but as they progress to more advanced levels, their skills will get better and their music more friendly to the ear.

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    There are certain traits that will help Sims in learning to play musical instruments. The virtuoso trait is geared towards improving a Sims' natural musical talent. The artistic skill gives Sims some natural artistic ability which is important for music. Sims seeking to reach celebrity status will benefit from the star quality trait. Other useful traits include being charismatic, friendly, and even being a schmoozer can help.

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    Lifetime Wishes

    In the Sims 3, music-inclined Sims have a variety of lifetime wishes to choose from. Some great ones to choose include One Sim Band. Sims who do not want to stick to one instrument should choose this wish. Another good choice is the Rock Star lifetime wish.

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    All challenges related to Sims 3 bands are completed in the same manner. So to complete one challenge for any instrument, Sims would follow the same steps. Master Drummer (or insert instrument of choice) is a challenge in which Sims need to learn all compositions. This includes purchasing sheet music and practicing the songs until the Sim perfects them.

    The Money Maker challenge also expands to all instruments and is achieved when a Sim earns $25,000 with his or her instrument of choice. Tips also count, as well as completing opportunities.

    The Guitar Star challenge also expands to the Sims instrument of choice. Sims who wish to complete this challenge must play at a minimum of ten venues and parties in town to complete this challenge. Once complete, Sims will earn more tips and monetary rewards when they perform.

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    The Next Big Thing lifetime award allows Sims to earn more for each performance, as well as have a much better chance of being a part of successful bands.

    The Excellent Groupie lifetime reward is a reward in which Sims' groupies will no longer complain about the time they spend with a Sim.

    Always on the List will ensure the Sim always gets into the hottest clubs and bars. If Sims plan to play in Bridgeport, this is almost a necessity.