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Sims 3 Lifetime Wish Guide: How to Be a Heartbreaker

by: M.S. Smith ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Some Sims want to become an astronaut. Others want to cure a major disease. And some just want to woo every hottie on their block. Sure, it isn't exactly noble. But it is still a lot of work!

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    What a Heartbreaker!

    Heartbreaker is one of the lifetime wishes available in The Sims 3. To achieve the wish, a Sim must have and then break up with 10 boyfriends or girlfriends. It is even more fun to complete this lifetime wish than it sounds, but there are obstacles which can arise and ways to make the lifetime wish easier. This brief guide will go over how to complete the lifetime wish as quickly as possible.

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    Stacking the Deck

    A Sim with romantic traits will have an advantage The cards a Sim is dealt throughout their life matter, which means that picking the right traits can really help with completing the Heartbreaker lifetime wish. Using the traits suggested here is not required to complete the lifetime wish, but it will certainly make it a lot easier.

    Two of the most obvious and important traits to pick are Hopeless Romantic and Flirty. Both of these options give a Sim romantic social interactions earlier in their relationship with a new Sim and give a wider variety of romantic options as the relationship progresses. Flirty allows a Sim to flirt successfully as soon as they meet a stranger unless that stranger has the Unflirty trait. Hopeless Romantic gives bonuses to romantic options, making them more successful, and gives romantic advances which other Sims can't have. Hopeless Romantics are very successful at romantic relationship unless the other Sim has the Commitment Issues trait.

    Great Kisser is a wonderful trait because it makes other Sims very receptive once the first kiss is made. It doesn't help up until that point, however.

    Various social traits can be used to round off the last two traits for a heartbreaker. Charismatic and Good Sense of Humor are good examples. These traits do not make the Sim better at romance per say, but they make the Sim better at social situations which, in turn, increases the chances of meeting a new Sim to woo.

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    The First Kiss

    Beginning romance with another Sim is simply a matter of meeting them and then being persistent. As long as two Sims do not have conflicting traits, or one of the Sims does not have a trait which can lead to very negative social interactions such as Inappropriate or Mean Spirited, romance should not be hard to find. A prospective mate can be found anywhere and should be approached with a friendly greeting. After one or two interactions to make sure the stranger Sim is not hosting some anti-social traits it is time to start throwing out pick-up lines.

    The rule to remember is that persistence pays for. Be patient and do not give up. Continue with the basic romantic interactions like pick-up lines and compliments. After awhile the interaction blurb in the top left of the screen will say that the other Sim thinks your Sim is being flirty. Keep it up! This should soon change to alluring, which opens up options for kissing and other more intimate gestures, and finally your Sim will become irresistible. At that point your Sim can easily obtain a first kiss and then make the other Sim their boyfriend or girlfriend. Once a relationship is established - you'll know because of the special icon in the realtionships menu - all that needs to be done is to break up.

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    Stringing Along

    Sims are a great place to meet people, or jealous ex-lovers Using the above method to woo a Sim works 90% of the time. Only Sims with anti-social traits will mess it up by offending your Sim or by simply resisting all romantic advances. Given that flattering a stranger is not that hard, the main challenge becomes flattering ten of them without getting into social trouble and repeating the process of wooing a Sim ten times.

    It is advisable to proceed one Sim at a time. While it is certainly possible for a Sim to make lots of potential romantic connections at a party, Sims don't seem to value past romantic interactions that highly unless there was already some kind of romantic connection made in previous interactions. Unless you can get a first kiss or some other sign of affection, you're nearly starting with a blank slate. This makes sense, as it would seem odd if a Sim was able to randomly kiss someone they'd been flirting with two weeks ago at a party.

    Also, focusing on one romantic target minimizes the potential for conflict. It can be a difficult situation if two Mean-Spirited, Evil, or Hot-Headed Sims with a romantic connection to your Sim are caught in the same place at the same time. Kissing one Sim while another interested Sim is present can cause all kinds of problems. Proceeding one at a time mostly negates this issue. Of course, inappropriate romantic behaviour is loved by many Sims fans, so feel free to save, see how much trouble you can cause, and go back to your save game.

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    Closing the Deal

    Ultimately, completing the Heartbreaker lifetime wish is a matter of keeping focused. Heartbreaker is a wish which does not directly coincide with any of a Sim's normal needs. It is not like a wish which is obtained through a career, which most Sims need to support themselves, or a skill, which many Sims will take part in to keep themselves entertained. Completing the Heartbreaker lifetime wish in fact requires a Sim to act contrary to how they normally would, as Sims are not that prone to breaking up a relationship after it is established.

    This means that you'll have to stay on task. It is possible to complete this lifetime wish in as little as seven or eight days if a Sim is constantly on the prowl. Just be sure that a Sim which is so often going hunting for a booty call also stays healthy and is making enough money to pay the bills.